4 May 2011

Fishing Boat

OUR late afternoon walk last evening was to Ilfracombe and had a wander around the Harbour area (always interesting) 

Although my knowledge of boats extends to the fact that they have a 'pointy' end and a 'blunt' end (sorry hearty mariners out there) I do, however, like to look of them which also extends to sketching them, which I did on this occasion

The photo of the boat was useful as I could refer to it when I got home
I put on masking fluid to various areas of the boat, 
by the way this masking fluid is blue and shows up well on the white paper  (I then left it to dry)  

Using my 1/2" flat brush I have put clear water surrounding the boat into which I added Ultramarine Blue/Coeruleum mixed.  Whilst this is still wet I dropped in some Olive Green and also a mix of all three colours (which spreads and then fades a little as it all dries)

A diluted wash of Winsor Violet was then added to the front of the boat and again left to dry

Using my No. 5 Pro Arte brush (this has a nice point) I have added detail to the boat plus a wash of Coeruleum over the Winsor Violet.  Then some more reflections into the water and left this to dry

 I have now removed the masking

Last detail added beneath the previously masked area and this painting is finished

- One little fishing boat in the harbour at Ilfracombe -


  1. absolute love this... thanks for the step by step! I have a favorite pic of a tugboat that we see by lake Michigan each year - will set out to finally do that painting now!!!!

  2. Nice sequence, I like the process and outcome.

  3. Sinderella Studio and Leovi : thank you for your comments. I'm glad you liked the demo.

  4. Thanks for linking in the tutorial! Lovely painting


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