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Monday, 25 July 2011

Garden week

Thought for this week I would walk around our garden and post one or two photos and occasionally some sketches of various plants and flowers.  Not that we have that many flowers.....daisies in profusion, but we do have a lot of bamboo too.  Well, that I'll get to later in the week, but for now I wonder if you recognise this plant

or would this help

okay, about time to come clean

A Monkey Puzzle potted up and sitting on our patio !

Not sure about the particular sketchbook I'm using at the moment.  Although it says the paper is of the highest quality, I am wondering by what standard this is being based.  But, at the end of the day, it is a sketchbook which does for me with pencil and ink sketching - the watercolour paints tend to soak in  too much.

So I guess my answer is only use it for pencil and ink sketches!


  1. That was quite a puzzle, this plant! ;-) Looks great in close up!

  2. I know Judy, it would have had me guessing if I hadn't already been privileged to the answer!

  3. Other than the reference to it in “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir” I’ve never heard of a monkey puzzle tree. Now I finally know what one looks like! Very interesting, thanks Ann!

  4. Hi Robin, Our monkey puzzle is small only about 4ft high, but they do grow enormous - after many years though. There is a country house and gardens not far from here with an avenue of them and they are huge, so one day I will take pics of them and post on the blog. Oh, and incase you didn't know they are called monkey puzzle because someone, years ago, said it would puzzle a monkey how to climb one...and the name stuck!


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