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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Algarve sketches '06

Well, they do say better late than never.  That's certainly the case here, only 5 years since I did these sketches.

Trawling through old sketchbooks, journals etc. I came across these sketches from our holiday in the Algarve and thought I would share them with you.  We were staying in one of the Riu Hotels at Olhos de Agua east of Albufeira

I did them with Derwent pencils

Isn't it funny how looking back in these sketches all that time ago, I actually remember
exactly where I was sitting when I did this sketch.
Husb. had gone swimming, so I wandered down to the sea front and
found a little restaurant where I stopped for a coffee and did my sketching......

So glad I had kept this sketchbook


  1. Love these sketches ~ You sketch so well!

    namaste, Carol ~ artmuse dog ^_^

  2. These are lovely, Ann. I especially like the umbrella. This makes me want to get out my old sketch books.

    It is so nice that your memories are so deep and full when you look at them.


  3. Lovely sketches, Ann, and a wonderful holiday momento. I never did sketch on holidays, though we kept a diary when my son was little.

  4. that's the best part of keeping a sketchbook - takes you right back there, instantly!

  5. So glad you kept the sketchbook, too!
    These are great! So fresh and gestural!

    Have a wonderful day,
    Mary C. Nasser

  6. I'm very glad I shared these sketches now, nice to know you all liked seeing them.

  7. They beautiful Ann, such lovely serene interpretations. xx

  8. I'm glad you kept that sketchbook too! These are much better than photos because you've put your heart into them. Thus...beautiful memories.

  9. Wonderful sketches! I like the umbrella one best too! I just want to grab a chair and sit down!

  10. Enjoying looking through all your drawings and paintings, sketchbooks, art journals. Much inspiration here. See you again on TMC.

  11. These are so beautiful ... i like the way you can convey so much, and yet maintain a freshness of colors :)


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