19 Sep 2011

Findings on the beach

Found recently on the beach, the little lost sand moulds:

aren't they great - with their little smiley faces

at least the cow and the tortoise are smiling, not sure about the lobster

I do sympathise with the people who lose things on a day out or holiday.  That's mainly due to the fact that we have been there ourselves, years ago when our kids would usually and pretty well guaranteed, leave one shoe or sandal behind!   Nowadays this trend doesn't seem to have changed when we saw this little lost sandal

hopefully the owner found it on the wall the next day!

I couldn't resist doing my version of the tortoise though

and then there was the Shark!

the water pistol part doesn't work any more but
at least I made a quick drawing of it with my Rotring Artpen

okay, he looks more like a dolphin having a bad day....but hey ho
I enjoyed drawing it!

Apart from that someone lost a tree the other day!

(and no, this isn't the owner come to collect)
it would have made a brilliant garden feature if only we could have carried it back!

and just shows the power of the sea when it can carry something
this large and leave it stranded.


  1. Great finds, Ann! And beautiful sketches! I love the tree, indeed a wonderful garden feature. The lonely sandal is a story in a picture...

  2. absolutely great post - memories...I just lost one of my grandkids trucks at the beach a few weeks ago!!!lol love the sketches!!!!
    cheers, dana

  3. ps did you do Jane Lafazio's water-soluble marker method for the shark???

  4. I can see that sandal as your next project. It has such great shadows. And I LOVE the shark! He deserves his own little story to go with him!

  5. Thanks everyone.
    No Dana, I didn't do Jane's method with the shark - shall look it up now. Thanks for pointing it out, somehow I seem to have missed it.

  6. Sophia has a turtle that looks more like yours than the real one!

  7. Never underestimate the power of the ocean. I hope the kiddie who lost the sand toys has a nice mummy or daddy who'll cough up to buy some replacements!

  8. Love your painted tortoise - and I can see the lonely sandal being a painting all by itself!
    The sea is indeed powerful and due much respect! xx

  9. Dear Ann,
    Very heartwarming work! Yes, indeed, a sea carries away even emotions and melancholy...ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ
    Pass my best wishes to your hubby & doggy.

  10. Hi to you all -

    Annie - I expect Sophie loves her turtle.

    Shammickite - I hope you're right.

    Pat - this little sandal seems to have captured everyone...must be because there is only one sitting there and it looks 'lonely'.

    Sadami - Thank you so much for your nice comments...indeed hubby and doggy will have your wishes passed to them.

  11. I think the lobster are smiling too.


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