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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Hill view

Some of our walks take us up hill from Woolacombe and so thought I would share with you a painting I did a while ago from one of these walks

You'll probably notice there are two Headlands.  From sea level, and depending on where you are positioned of course, you can only see one headland, but from the vantage point of this painting you get to see a second.  It's actually over at Westward Ho! and down towards Hartland Point.


  1. Wonderful painting, Ann! I love the soft greens, and the view has lots of depth! You live in a lovely countryside!

  2. Grand to be sharing the view with you. It is a lovely part of the world you live in, isn't it?
    Lovely textured paper to show off those sky and foreground green washes.

  3. Beautiful spot...beautiful painting.

  4. Thanks to you all for stopping by and yes, not a day goes by without we are pleased to be living here:)

  5. Beautiful! I'll be right over! LOL

  6. Lovely scenery you walk in, and a beautiful rendition of it xx


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