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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Trip to the Isle of Wight

No this wasn't the ship we travelled on to the Isle of Wight!  but it is a photograph 'from' the boat we travelled on - and you may recognise it as the Cruise Liner Queen Elizabeth - it's huge and I think has a much sleeker look than its predecessor the QE2.

It doesn't take too long to get from Southampton across to the Island (an hour at most) and the journey is quite enjoyable.  Having taken the car ferry I was glad we were able to take William up on deck with us and he seemed to enjoy the view too

and going up Southampton water you get land on both sides

 passing ships of all kinds, including this Tall Ship from the    Youth Trust

 arriving in the port of Cowes - and the weather had improved a bit

We travelled down from Cowes to our Hotel in Shanklin - and sketch from the Hotel gardens and the gazebo overlooking the English channel

This trip was a great opportunity for sketching somewhere different and my Sketchbook
went out and about with me

and something I hadn't seen before - a Church with a compost on its roof!

(well, Thatch actually, but of course as thatch breaks down during its life it basically ends up like a compost)

here's a photo of the actual place
and not the only building with thatch - apart from houses we found this little pub on the beach
with a thatched roof

how quaint is that!

The visit was a great chance to re-visit places we have been to over the years
and I look forward to going back again

and hope you have enjoyed a glimpse at it too.


  1. Very quaint! Thanks for the tour! (Probably the only way I’ll ever get to see it!) It’s nice that you are able to take William with you on all your excursions. Finding ‘nice’ places to travel with a dog is sometimes challenging over here.

  2. Awesome photos and your sketches are very elegant as usual ~ glad you had a chance to do so and enjoy the trip as well ~ hugs and namaste, Carol (Share the Creative Journey)

  3. Cheers Robin! We are lucky taking William with us and there are quite a lot of Hotels now that take K9's.

  4. Lovely pictures! As I said I have fond memories of the Isle of Wight. I had a sailing boyfriend years ago, who participated in some boat races during Cowes Week. I happily stayed ashore. :)

  5. such beauty! Ilove the fact you recorded your trip i your sketch book that just makes it all the more special and you not only have the sketches but the feelings and memories of the moment you sketchh them will always be with you,, thankyou for sharing this,

  6. Glad you enjoyed seeing the sketches Carol, it's good to know my posts are enjoyed.

    Hi Judy - I would have stayed ashore too...the ferry was enough boating for my liking!

    Thanks Laurie - I've got sketchbooks from years ago and love looking through them, I always remember exactly where I was and what was happening when I did a particular drawing.

  7. Thanks for sharing your photos and sketches! I can see some paintings (hopefully) that you'll be making soon! xx

  8. I think you are psychic Pat!

  9. I really love the sketch/painting of the church Ann. What a nice trip around your part of the world.

  10. As I mentioned on William's blog, I follow another one that has taken many pictures of the Isle of Wight, and I can tell that you found a lot of inspiration in this beautiful place--I know that I have just looking at your pictures!!

  11. Thanks Annie :)

    Thanks Kim :)

    It would be so easy to take these places for granted, hence I find sketching makes me 'see' them as they really are and appreciate them.


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