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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Playtime with paint

I have set some time aside just to 'play with paint' and for that I used a simple picture of berries, roughly based on this photo.

I started by doing a pencil outline and moved on to some other versions just to see how they developed.

Top left is obviously pencil and bottom left was Rotring Artpen with brown ink.  Bottom right was an Edding55.

Parts of this I added extra paint to whilst the first layer was still wet, but I also waited for some to completely dry. Then went in with fresh colour - it certainly showed you can build up the layers easily that way.

I love wetting the paper and dropping paint in and watching to see what happens, so I've added a very short video

first I just put clear water on the paper

Hopefully you can see the wetted area - and I left a gap near the middle for the highlight

(please note this is the first time you will have actually seen me doing painting on video - don't get too excited now, it's really short)

When it dried this was the result

as I said, this was 'playtime with paint' and since it looked like an expression, I added some extras to it then submitted it to this month's  

Challenge title : Imaginary Animals 

  'Don't get smart with me son!'

There you have it : Playtime with paint!



  1. I love it and I love the cartoon from the spot! The color is my favorite,, its amazing what can be acomplished when we just play, beautiful,

  2. Yummie to see what you produce when playing!
    In your previous post you gave a very good explanation about image sizes, by the way!

  3. Thank you Laurie.

    Thanks Judy, and glad you liked the previous post too.

  4. I like 'Do not get smart with me are!' : )

  5. Thank you Sadeu, glad you like.

  6. I can't see the video but the results are fab!

  7. This is what makes you an artist, I would never have thought of that--I'm just not that creative!! It's just delightful!! :-)))

  8. It's adorable and funny! So simple yet so expresive! Isn't it funny how we sometimes start out in one direction and end up in an entirely different place?

  9. Thank you Teri, sorry you can't see the video (it's something to do with viewing in Internet Explorer v. Chrome).

    Thanks Kim :)

    Thanks Robin, I call it getting side tracked!!

  10. Absolutely brilliant!
    Great that you play with paint and aren't averse to showing us and the cartoon - fantastic!

  11. Cheers Pat:) The Sketchbook Challenge on Flickr is always fun anyway, but this was a great excuse to add to it.

  12. This looks like a lot of fun, I especially like the little fun characters you have drawn from the paint blobs. I think I might get out my old brushes and paint trays and try something similar.


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