17 Nov 2011

South Molton and the Sketchbook Project 2012

My Sketchbook Project is coming along, all be it a bit slowly, but I am getting there.  Now moving on to the market town of South Molton (you may remember my last stop had been in Combe Martin on the coast) whereas I have now travelled inland a few miles

My next stop will be to Barnstaple and then along the coast to Croyde Bay and finishing at Putsborough beach, at least that's the plan!


  1. Cute bee! I'm so enjoying your journal pages!

  2. This is such a great addition to your sketchbook! The bee is cute, I love honey!
    I was computerless for two days and survived :) but I have some catching up to do.

  3. Lovely entry! The bee is too cute :) xx

  4. Have just read your comment on Rainey's blog, and the 'lampshade' comment made me smile so much!! lol - as they seem to say these days! - Val

  5. Hello Val - glad you stopped by, good to hear from you....as for the 'lampshade' joke all I'll say is 'the old ones are always the best ones'!


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