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Friday, 4 November 2011

This week's Challenges...

Using Gouche - my new pan set of Caran D'Ache
which activates quicker than watercolours and so far I
am quite pleased with them


 Not wishing to waste paper, I used the back of an old envelope for this
painting.  It worked for the tone of the painting so really I was half
way there before I even began!


Faringdon Countryside View

This View is from my Travel Sketchbook and done 'en plein air' - Faringdon near Oxford which, apart from being a lovely city to visit, also has wonderful countryside surrounding it.


Field Sketch - View

A local scene, captured before the lone tree loses its leaves this Autumn.

Reflection in the Sand - View

Taken from a photograph of William on the beach. The sand was still very wet and his reflection showed up like a mirror. As I like doing, I loaded my brush and did the whole picture with one load of paint but limited myself to doing it in one minute....


Sir Crow
Watercolour 8" x 7"


  1. Wow, they're all marvellous!

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog, Ann. Very good to see you!

  2. Love the sketchbook en plein aire - beautiful countryside . William - well he has stolen my heart :) xx

  3. Lovely collection! I love the crow! And the first one! Is the Caran d'ache set paint or pencils?

  4. Likewise Ash.

    Thanks Pat....William seems to have that affect!

    Thanks Judy...the Caran d'ache is paints ...pan version.

  5. wow, such beautiful work, reflections in the sand amazing,, all beautiful,,thanks for sharing,,

  6. they're ALL so well done. great job ann! One minute for William???!!! awesome. The elephants, the sunset...mmmmmmm

  7. These are just wonderful Ann. xx

  8. Lovely collection! Of course William is the best one!

  9. Thanks Annie :)

    Thanks Dion :)

    Thanks Robin....and of course William says he is always the best!


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