19 Dec 2011

Tweaked and completed

Since my Work in Progress post I have now looked again at the painting and just tweaked a couple of bits on it.  It didn't need much, just subtle alterations really -

(please forgive that the close up has shown the grain on the canvas - my photographic skills do not extend to close ups without grain effect...!)

firstly I put in more definition to the river as it goes into the distance

and added a tiny amount of red to the house on the hill
(the viewer isn't aware that they are being drawn into the painting with the red)

for the Bridge, I have added the indication of vehicles - little dots and dashes....

and just added a small amount more detail to the foliage in the foreground

and that's about it as far as this painting goes - 


  1. It's perfect, well done!
    One of the words I learned through blogging is "tweaked". :) Along with "chuckle" and "chuffed". Have a good Monday!

  2. Thanks Judy:)...blogging is an education!

  3. Happy Holidays to you Ann ~ Your painting is lovely and thanks for explaining some of your technique! Also, thanks for linking up to my 'blog hop' ~ namaste, Carol ^_^ ( A Creative Harbor)

  4. Your painting is just lovely! (and I learned 'chuffed' from you too! LOL Never let it be said the internet is not educational!)

  5. Hi Carol - glad you liked this post.

    Thanks Robin:)

  6. how beautiful, thats amazing, what a view that would be.

  7. Thanks Laurie, and yes it's a great view. Although I have indicated the buildings in different colours, Bideford is actually known as the Little White Town, it is very pretty.

  8. Your tweaks have brought out a wonderful painting. Fabulous work! xx


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