Monday, 23 January 2012

New Year New Work

New Year New Work is the title of the new Exhibition with North Devon Arts  and being held at  
Broomhill Art Hotel near Barnstaple  until the 18th March, although divided into two separate Exhibitions, of which I'm in the first

I've put two pieces of work in, one I think I have shown you before, but anyway here it is again.  I decided to call it:  Wildfire - On the Edge

and this piece which is much smaller and square, so quite a contrast, and titled: Storm on Lantern Hill

The Exhibition started yesterday with a Meet the Artists get together so along I went,  plus my camera, and have taken a few pics to show you, starting with the approach to the Hotel

a lot of people turned up and I got the chance to have a chat with one or two of them - seeing their work and talking with them was an eye opener to how they approached their work and techniques used, so it was well worth going to

I was aware I shouldn't be photographing other peoples works without their permission, but knew
I was okay with mine,

The idea with 'Wildfire - On the Edge', was that feeling of seeing a forest fire, knowing you couldn't go in to view the damage because of the heat and also that mystery of wondering where the fire is now, is it out, or is it still going strong in the distance.  One lady I spoke to said it was a bit close to home as her son lives in Australia and they have just recently had forest fires which threatened his home, luckily it was okay, but I guess my painting had an effect on her.

By comparison with the other painting 'Storm on Lantern Hill', I really wanted to convey that feeling of atmosphere, but that moment when you are out somewhere and the weather is fine, until you notice a storm fast approaching and you know you are about to get soaked any minute, hence I kept it basically in one colour throughout, I felt other colours would have distracted from that feeling.

Hopefully it will be a good Exhibition for everyone


  1. Both are great paintings, good choice, Ann! I wish you and the other artists lots of success!

  2. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing!

  3. How exciting - the venue looks unique and spacious. I love the red shoe in the garden. Your work is wonderful - I especially like "Wildfire-On the Edge" - composition and title too!

  4. Congratulations Ann! Wonderful exposition, both your paintings are beautiful and interesting! I wish you a big success. Ciao!

  5. Your feelings come through loud and clear and caused my feelings to take a big deep breath and just love what I am seeing. And congratulations! Much deserved!

  6. How exciting Ann, seems very well attended to. Your two paintings are gorgeous..wish you good luck with the exhibition!

  7. Hi Ann: I'm checking blogs this morning as it's pouring with cold rain outside! So the Collingwood is no more... how sad. Ilfracombe used to have so many of those huge hotels, I remember going to a IGS school dance in the Collingwood many years ago. Oh well, progress I suppose. Your pictures shown at the exhibition are lovely, I love the storm enveloping Lantern Hill.

  8. Goodness!...all these lovely comments. Thank you so much everyone for stopping by, I'm pleased you enjoyed seeing this post.....ann:)

  9. Great paintings Ann and good luck at the exhibition. It looks like a great turn out.

  10. Congratulations! Both paintings are lovely! Good luck to everyone for a successful exhibit!


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