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Friday, 4 May 2012

Rest and repair

My rest and repair time is paying off (not completely there yet but well on the way)...and I want to say a BIG THANK YOU for all your good wishes I really appreciate your thoughts of kindness.

I hope that in the meantime you have enjoyed looking at My Bloglist.

I have to say this injury was all my own fault, having pulled my back a little whilst helping with the National Trust at Arlington Court, I then increased the problem by standing on the back step of the carriage.  Okay if it had all been over tarmac roads, but most of this was over rough unmade up tracks with bumps and dips and goodness knows what - for about three quarters of an hour, and I think the jarring which you get being on the back step was enough to really do for my back - as I say, my own fault.  In future if I think I have pulled my back, even a little, I will refrain from this activity until I know I am properly fit.....I do love it though, the feeling of these two huge horses pulling the carriage is exhilarating.

here's a picture of Sophie (the drivers groom) holding the horses whilst David the Head Groom assembles his reins in preparation for a drive

and I've added a very short video taken on the tarmac portion of the drive....(incidentally I took this on the day of said back problem)....quite a feat of balance as I'm holding on and trying to film at the same time! 
You get a sneak view from my perspective looking between driver and groom....

 (i've no idea what they were talking about....I was too busy balancing....heehee)

I don't know about anyone else, but I find it very frustrating having to rest and do nothing!...sounds great, but in practise it is boring and I keep seeing things I should be doing like 'housework'....okay, that can wait for me, but when it comes to sketching and painting which I love doing, and usually do every day in some form or other, then having had a week to sit around I was nearly climbing the walls (metaphorically speaking) you can guess I still 'tried' to do some painting.   The trouble was I couldn't sit too long plus when it came to mixing paint, I didn't have enough patience.  Saying that I did have a canvas on the easle next to me, so I could tackle a painting as I felt like it....a bit at a time.   Here's my effort during this last week, which I think shows my lack of commitment for long stretches of painting

 at least I had a paint brush in my hand!


  1. I'm glad you are feeling better, Ann! Looking at the video I can see what a balancing act it must be! Those horses look great btw! I have to say I like the painting you managed to do!

  2. I know how you feel about not having anything to do sometimes when you are unwell.. it can be so boring, even though other times you wish you had the free time. Still a great job on the painting, hope you continue to recover quickly. cheers x

    1. Thanks Kyla, glad you like the painting, nice of you to say. Each day is a little better with my back now.

  3. Ann you made a wonderful painting in spite of the pain, look at that sky ! Must have been a real effort. Wish you well, and be patient :-) xx

  4. The sky is beautiful, and I love the ocher color that you applied to this be land .

  5. Hi Ann, Glad to hear you are on the is blooming frustrating isn't it. Thanks for comments on my blog, since they changed it I can't work out how to answer them. The video is lovely, it brings back the good memories for me. My wagon is getting new wheels...wish I could have a good partner to take it back on the road. Hope all family is well, I'd love to come and see you this year....Lots of love Katiex

  6. Unless you're REALLY ill resting is overated! And you're right, terribly borrrrrring! Glad to hear you're on the mend! Lovely painting!

  7. Oh I think it's a really great effort and I'm sure that whatever you don't like about it will be tweaked until you're happy and we're all dazzled. In my mind, I thought the carriage was bigger so the picture surprised me. I loved hearing the clopping of the horses hooves!

  8. Thanks everyone for stopping by and commenting - I feel like I'm getting back into the real world again nowadays as the dreaded back is getting better...yay!

  9. Yep, at least you were able to paint a bit. It's looking good to me. Enjoyed the horse video. Hope you feel better soon. I can imagine it would be boring to be on total rest.

  10. ann i'm sorry you hurt your back .... i like this moody landscape .

  11. Wow, Ann, this work looks like the famous English painters, classic. Yes, indeed, you're already ONE of them!!!
    Cheers, Sadami


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