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Tuesday, 25 February 2014


On arriving down in Penzance the weather dramatically changed - for the worse.  Never mind, we had been lucky up til now and considering the awful conditions, everywhere recently, we were just glad to be down there.  Staying again at the Queens Hotel on the seafront, we found our room overlooked the prom,  Brilliant, even with bad weather it is good to have a view...

I had a smaller camera for some photos on this trip, which I haven't sorted out the Settings, so forgive the blurry pics...this is not an excuse for the weather though...

a lot of dog walkers

including a certain lurcher and dad...(who pointed me out to William so he could see me - I know we are sad, lol)...

and had to be lifted off the wall!

here's a short video ...

You can just see St. Michael's Mount  

Back to the hotel for a spot of relaxation - notice whose enjoying the view (and not of the photographer!)...

Whilst the lads were walking, I was sketching...well you didn't think I would miss an opportunity like this did you?

On our final full day in Cornwall
we went to Lanhydrock,
and that will be 
another post

If you aren't sure where Penzance is, click on the
LOCATION tab below for the link to the map


  1. Penzance as in Pirates of? And doesn't the fur baby look comfy with his dad. Nice pic.

    1. Could be CJ. Cornwall well known for smugglers in yesterday years...well, even these days but hopefully not sneaking into Penzance, lol.

  2. We stayed in that hotel once, on our way to the Scillies!
    We caught the Scillonian the next afternoon and had a very rough voyage out to the islands. We did see a dolphin, which was some compensation for the sea sickness.......

    I loved the film of William and his Dad. He`s like a little boy, wanting to walk on the wall ( William - not his Dad LOL).

    1. We saw the Scillonian, it's in dry dock down the road from the Hotel at the moment having work done on it - getting ready for the new season I guess :-)

  3. Even days when the weather isn't so great can be a fun time. You tend to relax more and breathe a bit easier. Nice photos and sketches.

  4. you've captured the gloomy weather in your sketches!

  5. Sometimes the bad weather days at the shore are more lovely than nice days!

  6. That's what I have been trying to think of. Pirates of penzance. :)) it was a dismal day but you got some cool sketches out of it. Very atmospheric. Love that photo of your Hubby and William. It's really good. :))

  7. I love the tonal colors in the photos. Really captures the mood.. You did a marvelous job of conveying the feel into your paintings.
    It has been over 50 years since I was there and it brought back happy memories. Thank you.

    1. Thanks Julie, glad this brought back good memories for you :-)


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