2 Sep 2014

Continuing the loose sketches

This time Barnstaple Bridge, Devon,

Pen + watercolour 
plus I added a small amount of detail with
my Sailor Calligraphy pen

This is a very loose sketch, but again it might make a 
painting in its own right.

Out of interest, I thought it would be good to add a note
on colour/tones.  The majority of this painting is in cool tones:
i.e. the blue of the boat and yellows, so to 'balance' that out
I added a strip of red to the boat.

If a painting is all cool colours, then balance it with a warm.
Equally, if a painting is all warm colours, balance it with a cool.


  1. Lovely sketch, Ann. I enjoy seeing your loose work xx

  2. Lovely sketch, Ann! I always forget those colour rules, but you are right: without the red the painting would be much less interesting.

    1. Thanks Judy....I guess it's like yin and yang :-)

  3. Dear Ann - such a wonderful sketch and a great tip. So glad you shared this. Hope you have a great day.

  4. Dear Ann this watercolor is a painting in its own right. It's very nice!
    Happy weekend, Sonia :-)

    1. Many thanks Sonia. Have a good weekend too :-)

      muchas gracias sonia. Usted tiene un buen fin de semana también.


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