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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Throwback Thursday - Mountbatten wedding

I've been looking through some old photographs and came across these of the Mountbatten wedding in 1960 at the Abbey in Romsey, Hampshire.   My dad worked for Lord Mountbatten and my parents received an invite....

.....the official invite...

(no idea who took these photographs,
could have been an official photographer)

Here's a photo with Lord Mountbatten - behind the small bridesmaid,
and Princess Anne is the bridesmaid in the centre

Princess Margaret and the Queen Mother

I remember the next day dad brought home large trays of
vol-au-vent some filled with caviar (which is where I got a taste for it to this day)

I've lots of memories of the times growing up and 
visiting Broadlands.  In fact Lord Mountbatten gave me my first
sketchbook, an old accounts book from the estate which I
doodled and scribbled in (I thought it was fine art at the time, as kids do),
but it was a great start to my journal sketchbook work.

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  1. That's some historical link!

    1. Yes it is CJ. I've some great memories of life at Broadlands.

  2. A wonderful look back Ann, what gorgeous wedding photos, sigh!

  3. Wonderful memories, Ann!

  4. I love old photos filled with memories. These are great and how fun that you found the invitation.

    1. I'd forgotten that I had these photos and the Invite, so thought Throwback Thursday was an ideal time to share them :-)

  5. I never knew you were so posh! :)

    1. I'm not! lol. One thing my dad taught me, was he could mix with all sorts of people and treat them all the same. So I grew up seeing a wide variety of life, it was a good lesson in life.


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