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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

On our travels continued....

Sometimes it is difficult to know quite where to begin with a blog post after we have been away.  I gather a lot of photos on my iPhone (very easy to carry and use aren't they).  However, I think I just have to get stuck in ....  so here's WHITE HORSE HILL (click link)

(incidentally, some of these photos you may have already seen on William's blog, but I thought I would share them here too, and I've added extra photos)

This next photo doesn't have UFO's in it....I took this pic through the car window whilst I sat enjoying a mug of coffee

I took this next video clip to show the 180 degree view

and looking down into the dip of the hillside, you might be able to see sheep being moved from one field to another in this next clip....

Watch out William, dad has his camera!

Photo of the photographer, 
and William really didn't want to pose!

he looked away on annoying, lol.

The striking thing about this view, was that it seemed to go on for ever.  
We were so fortunate to have such a clear day...and oh those cloud formations were stunning.

(I love hearing your thoughts, so please give me feedback, it will make my day)


  1. Lovely views and I like looking up at the clouds too, seeing shapes. William is wanting his Dad to photograph the views:)

    1. Yes, we could have spent ages there just staring at the view. There were lots of things to 'find' in that view, the more we looked the more we saw. 👀

  2. beautiful peaceful spacious views, thanks for sharing!

  3. Such a great vantage point for views of the surrounding countryside. The wind was quite strong that day. Was it cold? When I heard it, I thought of how cold it would be here this time of year. It must be quite pleasant there mid summer.

  4. Boy, you have some awesome views over there! :D

  5. What a view. I do love a big sky. Plenty of those in Devon too :)

  6. Beautiful views! Breathtaking!

  7. Lovely photos of the landscape...looks like great views for painting!


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