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Sunday, 24 June 2018

Work in the studio

I could have kept going with this painting from 

my plein air session at Arlington Court on Friday.

(here's a photo I took at the time)

When is a painting finished?

Overworking a painting is fatal,

not going that extra nano-inch is fail.

Well, in the end you have to stand back and make an

objection decision.

ask yourself:

"Does this painting work?"

"Does it convey the feeling of the day?"

"Does it tell a story?"

and the answer for me with this painting is


so here's the completed painting whilst drying on my easel in the studio

Titled:  "Looking Across the Ha-ha"



Christine said...

It is so beautiful Ann!

ann @ studiohyde said...

Aww...thank you Christine. I enjoyed sitting out and starting this painting at Arlington, plus I was lucky that it was such a gorgeous day.

robin cox walsh said...

"Looking Across the Ha-Ha"? Explain please...... :D Christine is correct, it's beautiful!

Eileen said...

Really lovely Ann!

Judy Barends said...

I love it, absolutely a masterpiece! Just watching Escape to the Country with a feature of Arlington Court!

ann @ studiohyde said...

Thanks Robin :) The "Ha-ha" is probably better explained by wikipedia....


ann @ studiohyde said...

Awww thanks Eileen

ann @ studiohyde said...

Thanks Judy, glad you like it. I think the Escape to the Country is the one with the carriage horses? They don't have them anymore, "Health & Safety" and all that kind of thing sadly...I miss them and miss helping with them, but at least I have my painting to do over there :)

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