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Friday, 13 July 2018

Where does the week go

Before I know it, 

it's time for another of my

 'Art Escape to Arlington Court' painting days.

Again, I set up by the house.

This time I brought a different shaped Canvas with me,

I thought it would be nice to use a Box Canvas.

You will see that I am in the shade again.  Although the angle for the painting was different, it gave me the chance to get the tones and colours.

and I got a lovely surprise when I was offered a cup of tea.

Look what turned up
I thought it would be extremely churlish to refuse the scone,
so I enjoyed it - and it was

~ Have a lovely weekend all ~


Christine said...

what a lovely offering of course you couldn't refuse!

robin cox walsh said...

Tea and scones! How appropriate! (where's the clotted cream?) :D

Eileen said...

No jam and cream? Only joking, that was realty nice of them, shows they appreciate you :) I like the angle of the house you have chosen too.

Judy Barends said...

Wonderful arrangement! The scone looks delicious!

ann @ studiohyde said...

It was such a surprise. I guess after all the times I have been there painting, it was a Thank You from Arlington, and very appreciated :)

ann @ studiohyde said...

LOL...I was quite glad there wasn't clotted cream, I don't need any encouragement to add to calories đŸ˜ŗ

ann @ studiohyde said...

LOL...ahh but there was some jam in a way. First time I have come across this, but there were real raspberries baked into the scone, WoW! it was good đŸĨ

ann @ studiohyde said...

I can assure you it Was VERY good. I like to think I was taste testing it for them, LOL 🙂

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