Thursday, 31 May 2012

Scrap paper sketch

I usually have a sketchbook with me in the car or in my bag, at least that's the theory.  That was until recently when low and behold my sketchbook had disappeared.....well, to be honest I'd forgotten to replace it.  Having completed my glove pocket book as I call it, I had to improvise and used a scrap of brown paper instead.   This lead on to having to use a pen, pencil wouldn't show up too well on this brown paper.

As it happens, I like this little sketch all the more, probably because I had to improvise.

I intend to keep this and stick it into
one of my journals

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Wet into Wet technique

I know this could be on the repetitive side but thought as I have already shown you my Wet on Dry
technique, I might just take this opportunity to add the Wet into Wet version.

You will see from the video that I did jump in with the paint a little sooner than normal.
When you have Wetted the paper with Clear Water, leave it a few seconds to settle in - I didn't in the video because if it runs too long it refuses to download...hence I jumped in quickly to shorten the time.

So there you have it.....a quick and easy painting
and another technique to try.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Watercolour in a loose style

I have a technique to share with you  - this post having come about from an idea I had and comments I have received on my Flickr Photostream when I added this painting of apricots.

But the first thing I do is to mix colours ready in my palette giving myself various options for tone from lights to darks:  and for this post I am going to paint an Apple:   

 using a good amount of prepared paint....

Permanent Rose - Alizarin - Cadmium Red

Cadmium Yellow - Aureolin -  Quinacridone Gold

Ultramarine Blue - Sap Green

The thing is, if you have plenty of paint prepared it takes the pressure off and means you can dip into these colours randomly and spontaneously as you feel like it.  You don't have to use them all either, if at the time you just want to keep to a couple of colours then do so, it's your painting.

On this occasion the brush I used was a pointed golden synthetic mop from Rosemary & Co.   - I find it holds the paint well and the point is perfect for detail.  The paper is NOT 140lb 300gsm.

 Wet on dry technique (wet paint on dry paper) and I hope will show how simple and quick these paintings are to do

You will notice that there are hard edges - okay you may want them - but

you can get softer edges

and let me apologise for the shaking camera (I was trying to hold it whilst painting)!


What I didn't add on the video is that you can soften other edges with

clear water before it all dries -

after all that

I hope you have enjoyed seeing how I went about this particular watercolour painting

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Show in the countryside

Last week saw Devon County Show for its 3 day event.  This year we decided to go along and were lucky that the weather stayed dry.  The sun didn't show itself either but that was better as it can get unbearable on hot days at these events.

I took a lot of photographs, and have decided to add them all in one post, so be warned!  in fact sit back and enjoy....

The crowds showed up too


I reckon there was something for everyone at this show.  Of course, I particularly enjoyed seeing the heavy horses pulling logs

and other 4 legged animals - like Alpaca judging

and Alpaca watching

(although I have to admit, I find their long necks a bit freaky!)

to cattle judging

I missed the Axe team event, but there was so much to see you would actually have to spend 3 days there instead of one I think

we took William with us who enjoyed seeing everything as much as we did

and sneaked a drink when he thought nobody was watching

this next photo is (I think) called a Showmans Wagon, which the lady in the foreground and her husband had completely restored themselves.......(KatieB if you have dropped by, could you correct me if I'm wrong in saying this is a Showmans Wagon) take a look everyone at KatieB's blog, our friend is an amazing Decorative Painter - here's her other Website.


the detail on this wagon was lovely

and the inside was amazing

and a different type of wagon - this time Shephard Huts made to order

 (very nice, but lacking decoration)

All in all we had a great day out and I hope you
have enjoyed seeing my photos!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Wonderful Gifts

Yet again, I am the recipient of a wonderful gift. How lucky am I....

I expect you may well remember the little altered book I completed recently and the giveaway draw for it being won by Lynn over at Getting My Feet Wet .  Well, through the post came a complete surprise present from Lynn, her thank you to me, how sweet is that - and something made personally in the form of a
Pocket Purse....

here, I've just got to show off Lynn's work...

How clever is this

with some lovely beads on the closure

I'm so pleased with it


Do check out Lynn's blog at Getting My Feet Wet

plus her Textile blog at 

Textile Art Quilts by Lynn In California 

Monday, 14 May 2012

Annie's gift

You know, there is something wonderful about this here Blogland....sharing information, seeing what others do with their art....but when that turns into RECEIVING something from a fellow artist, oh boy am I thrilled.

I recently received one such gift from Annie over at Bohemiannieart!  (had only sent her a couple of small paintings I had done), yet in return I got this brilliant handmade Wall hanging Quilt....

just take a look...

with these lovely beads to hang it up...

the detail is amazing...

look at this dragonfly

and to add to it, when you turn it over 
there is a whole new side to enjoy

how brilliant is this....I LOVE IT






Friday, 4 May 2012

Rest and repair

My rest and repair time is paying off (not completely there yet but well on the way)...and I want to say a BIG THANK YOU for all your good wishes I really appreciate your thoughts of kindness.

I hope that in the meantime you have enjoyed looking at My Bloglist.

I have to say this injury was all my own fault, having pulled my back a little whilst helping with the National Trust at Arlington Court, I then increased the problem by standing on the back step of the carriage.  Okay if it had all been over tarmac roads, but most of this was over rough unmade up tracks with bumps and dips and goodness knows what - for about three quarters of an hour, and I think the jarring which you get being on the back step was enough to really do for my back - as I say, my own fault.  In future if I think I have pulled my back, even a little, I will refrain from this activity until I know I am properly fit.....I do love it though, the feeling of these two huge horses pulling the carriage is exhilarating.

here's a picture of Sophie (the drivers groom) holding the horses whilst David the Head Groom assembles his reins in preparation for a drive

and I've added a very short video taken on the tarmac portion of the drive....(incidentally I took this on the day of said back problem)....quite a feat of balance as I'm holding on and trying to film at the same time! 
You get a sneak view from my perspective looking between driver and groom....

 (i've no idea what they were talking about....I was too busy balancing....heehee)

I don't know about anyone else, but I find it very frustrating having to rest and do nothing!...sounds great, but in practise it is boring and I keep seeing things I should be doing like 'housework'....okay, that can wait for me, but when it comes to sketching and painting which I love doing, and usually do every day in some form or other, then having had a week to sit around I was nearly climbing the walls (metaphorically speaking) you can guess I still 'tried' to do some painting.   The trouble was I couldn't sit too long plus when it came to mixing paint, I didn't have enough patience.  Saying that I did have a canvas on the easle next to me, so I could tackle a painting as I felt like it....a bit at a time.   Here's my effort during this last week, which I think shows my lack of commitment for long stretches of painting

 at least I had a paint brush in my hand!