Sunday 11 November 2018



1914 -1918

The photo was taken in France, so that's French soil you see,
and that building obviously suffered from the effects of war
along with hundreds of lives.
I find it incredible that my GreatGrandad survived all that
and I was lucky enough to have known him.

He returned from France to continue his work as jockey/Head Lad at a Racing stables until his eventual retirement.

To say I'm proud of him is an understatement.

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Sunday 4 November 2018

I braved the cold and sketched...

....what some of us do for our art.
Well, I had to make the most of the opportunity, we were visiting

Sometimes you have to make the most of these things, and at least the sun was shining.
In fact it was so cold there were even remnants of a frost in the shaded parts of this huge estate!
hence I only sketched this one view.

Yes, there were gardeners working, and loads of visitors all over the place, even if the sketch doesn't show them.