I can't tell you how thrilled I was to be able to take up my paints and easel and capture some of the lovely views at
Arlington Court National Trust

Here's my Artist Statement describing my art and how I came about this wonderful opportunity...

Studio Hyde Art

Check out the dictionary definition of Artist, it will tell you that an Artist is someone who is a creator of sketches, drawings, paintings as a hobby and also professionally.  Plus it will tell you that an Artist is a person who habitually creates

"Habitually creates"  is certainly what describes Ann Hyde.  If she could paint all-day-long then she would.

With no formal Art training, Ann started painting when she was a child......"mostly scribbles" Ann says, but that love of holding a pencil and then adding watercolour became addictive.  Having taken some workshop courses along the way, Ann has developed her own style in watercolours (her favourite medium) but also enjoys Acrylics and Oils too.

"I first visited Arlington Court back in 1994, and knew it was a place full of inspiration for paintings. I have volunteered for the Trust at Arlington Court for over 6 years now, although firstly with the carriage horses and then in the carriage museum.  Ultimately my dream has always been to devote my volunteering time to painting the scenes around Arlington Court, and that has come to fruition during 2017.

I love painting en plein air, in various locations on the Arlington estate.  Visitors seem to enjoy seeing an Artist at work and I enjoy chatting to them, both about my art but also about Arlington Court itself.  I look forward to the coming years developing my art at Arlington."

All of Ann's artwork, created at Arlington Court, is donated by her to Arlington for them to sell and bring in much appreciated funds to the National Trust.

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