Monday, 16 May 2011


Buttercups - what a nice sounding plant.  (One of my recent posts was about Hogweed - not so nice sounding)  

The buttercups are growing everywhere here at the moment so it was inevitable that I would end up doing a post about them.  I've taken a couple of photos - as if we need to remind ourselves what they look like - but they are so nice and sunny and I would say 'a happy flower' (or is that just me getting poetical again!)

It's a job to see some of these because of the bracken 

and in my doodlings I've sketched them
At the top of this sketch I've added:

'When I was young we would put a buttercup under a friends chin to 
see if it reflected the colour, if it did it meant they liked butter!'

I wonder if kids still play this game - or has it been lost somewhere along the line


  1. Yes, happy flowers! I never heard of this game, funny!

  2. love your sketch page...we did that butter thing with dandelions, I still do it with my grandkids!!! They all like butter! I always send yellow flowers as I feel they send indoor sunshine!
    cheers, dana

  3. We used to do the same thing when we were kids! (I think we're dating ourselves. lol)