Friday 26 January 2024

Moving tiles

You know you are old when your kids tell you NOT to do something, as they will step in and sort it! Which is really kind of them, but we were in a hurry to sort it ourselves and as they were busy this day, we got on with it.  (We didn’t tell them first though)!  

We moved a pile of tiles and cement/grouting.

So having completed the task we felt we should message the kids to confess.  Here’s how that went….


{Son replied}…

{Daughter on the other hand was more vocal}…


(Love their concerns for us though)

Wednesday 17 January 2024

One minute it’s a new year

 and before you know it we’re hurtling towards February! 

anyway,  here’s to 2024

Painting plein air in the Centre at the Exmoor National Park Lynmouth has slowed.  It is still open to visitors throughout the Winter, however due to the weather and short days, I decided to concentrate on completing studio work until February (or thereabouts).   For anyone who isn’t aware, driving into Lynmouth is via a Very Steep Hill.  Infact 2 hills, with ‘escape routes’ if the worst happens.  So a no-no for me in Winter.  

I have several paintings partly worked on and others with a whole canvas completely painted, But they need more detail…..I call it adding the dots and dashes! 

↘️This oil painting is all but done, until I look at it again in a couple of weeks time!


Wednesday 18 October 2023

Waiting for paint to dry

I’m always waiting for paint to dry, that’s a downside to Oil painting, although also a good thing -  It means I can put the painting to one side for a couple of weeks (or more), sort of forgetting about it. When I then retrieve it from the shelf, I see it afresh and can often tell immediately if it is viable for further work.  Usually they are and so it is like starting again, but the basics are down.

I currently have several paintings in the studio at that stage, but this week I took one such part-worked painting with me to the Exmoor National Park Centre in Lynmouth, where I completed it.

 ~ Pleased with the result ~ 

 *note:   I'll admit that my monitor brings this painting up far brighter than it is in person

If you click the image above, hopefully it will take you to a short video clip showing the painting on the easel in Lynmouth when I had decided that the painting was DONE.