Sunday 21 July 2024

Still adding paint to canvas

Well, I haven’t progressed with the painting from my previous post, I’m waiting for the paint to cure a bit more, no point in rushing it.  So, this means only one thing, and that’s start a new painting.  Some of you will already have seen what that is, via the usual social media culprits, Instagram - Facebook - Tiktok, so lucky I have this blog to add it for those who haven’t already been bombarded with it ;)

Not sure what makes my decision of painting a landscape or seascape, or any other subject for that matter.  This time it was a landscape across Exmoor.  As I’m usually over at Lynmouth painting once a week, the landscapes of Exmoor pull me in and I can’t help myself.

This is still a work-in-progress as this paint has to dry, but mainly I’m there with it.  At this stage I’m thinking that when it is dry, I’ll add a pale blue glaze over the distant hills, that will send them back further into the distance.  

There’s a little story with this one.  I started painting it over at Lynmouth in the Exmoor National Park Centre, where I set up my easel.  I had debated painting this view or Watersmeet (a wooded valley with river), but settled on this one.  A lot of people stop to chat and there was this one couple who said they used to live up on Exmoor, not only that, but they said this was their view every day!  How amazing is it that I am actually painting that particular view.

If you click on the painting it will take you to the video.  I suggest you make a cup of tea or coffee and settle back, it’s a little longer than my usual attempts at filming.

Sunday 14 July 2024

Seascape oil painting - part 1

Another painting started at the Exmoor National Park Centre in Lynmouth.  It's always a bit daunting starting a painting from scratch - the blank canvas staring back at me - will it work or be a disaster!

Screenshot below from the video I took of the painting process...
so click the image and it will take you to the Timelapse clip - 9.15 minutes if you haven't already guessed!

This isn't a completed painting, only Part 1 - of how many I don't know at the moment.  Sometimes I just have to let the painting decide, or until I'm happy with it  ;)

It was a nice day over in Lynmouth with a few people stopping to have a chat.  I set up my easel near the cafe and some people say they watch from within the cafe while they're having a snack and drink.  So they get free entertainment at the same time, lol.

When this oil paint has dried, I'll look at it again and decide where I go from there - and yes, I'll be updating here.

Wednesday 10 July 2024


They aren’t related but the new pup is like a mini version of Dottie, and they adore one another.  

Thanks to our daughter for these photos of her two …Dottie and Gertie

Monday 8 July 2024

Totally bonkers!


Daughter was slow in moving his fence so he could chomp on some longer grass!   He looks so wild, but take a look at the final picture, he’s got the most gentle eye, no wildness at all.