Saturday, 8 May 2021

Plein air again

Another visit to Arlington Court - oh so lucky with the weather (it has since been raining non-stop)

Turned out to be a very good day weatherwise.   I did have a major rethink on the painting - the right hand side in fact, but heyho this is how the painting process goes sometimes.  It's quite nice to change something when not sure about it. 


Below is where I'm in the process of changing it...taken out a large tree 

For now the painting will have to dry.
This is why Oil paintings take time

1. If you happen the change something
2. Waiting for paint to dry

Friday, 7 May 2021

Plein air painting

I missed plein air painting last week at Arlington Court - for one thing the weather took a definite turn for the worst.  Those in the UK will completely know what I am on about - but those who don't, I will say that after weeks and weeks of lovely sunny weather, it all came back to bite us.  (I knew it would and why not, nature has her own agenda and the balance has to be completed.  The fields were looking so dry, and as for  the gardens, they needed a watering) --- Quite why we need the HIGH WINDS TOO, is beyond me but heyho it is what it is.....meanwhile I am .... 

Tuesday, 4 May 2021 philosophy is : Just Keep Going

Think I'm getting the hang of Youtube...(she says hopefully).  You can but try and I am, if nothing else, persistent - I hear you all agreeing - 🤣

And Yes, I've added another little Video to my Youtube channel....not very long, but it does show Close-up images of some paintings in my website.  

~ click the image below ~

What do you think?  Hope you like these little snippets plus there's music too.  

As I get more used to...

Recording > Editing > Adding to Youtube 

things will get more professional...umm just hold that thought for me 


Sunday, 2 May 2021


Towards the end of last year, I started a Youtube channel as a place to keep/store some of my painting videos taken at Arlington Court.    Now let me say, I'm no video maker, but it has been fun to set up my iPhone and record some of the painting process.    

I've found the most difficult part to be the Editing!   Oh boy, when I watch some Youtubers and they happen to mention Editing taking time, NOW I KNOW WHAT THEY MEAN!   It doesn't help in that I'm no techie, but once I get the hang of something I'm okay - the process just seems to take a long time for me.  Why recently I've suddenly got the knack of the iMovie app, is a mystery, but I have and hopefully this will be a great bonus from here on.

Up until this last week, I have had a few viewers to the channel....that's okay, after all the channel is for Storage.  I've added the videos to the usual "social media" as they like to call it (who ever They are).  

Friends and Followers alike have enjoyed seeing my little attempts at film production  🎞🎬🎥🤣   

However...and to my AMAZEMENT latest video has (to date of writing this) received a Whopping



and I have No idea how that has happened - especially as the video concerned is classed by Youtube as a Short   - my non-techie brain is reasoning it's because it is a short video?!   I'm thinking the social media concerned that's kicked this one in the air, has been Instagram (their Reels and Story section perhaps, I certainly don't know).

Anyway....if any of these 515 viewers are reading this, then


talk about a boost to my ego/encouraging me/and making me want to continue with Youtube.

Okay, this 515 phenomenon may never happen again, but you never know, stranger things have happened.

So if you haven't yet and would like to take a look then here's the link to my Youtube channel

just click the image below ....

And if you want to follow along then 

SUBSCRIBE - LIKE - and hit the BELL icon to be notified of upcoming videos

with a 



Saturday, 24 April 2021

It's good to be back at Arlington

With Easter over now and the weather so good (in other words it has warmed up, I am not a fan of painting whilst freezing cold!) and so I have been plein air painting again at Arlington Court National Trust after what feels like months and months.  It is so good to be back there.  Can't believe how lucky we are with this weather at the moment, and making the most of it.  I guess we will pay the price with a deluge of rain at some point, nature has her ways, but meanwhile I've been painting in the open air, how wonderful again at last.

This first week back has really been about getting in a couple of warm-up sessions, to get back into it.  Even so, I have managed to do 6 hours.  Admittedly that was not painting the entire time, I stop to chat with visitors and hope they enjoyed seeing my paintings.

Now back in the studio, the paintings will dry and hopefully be ready for my visit next week.

This Oil on canvas is looking across at the house....a given subject as the canvas is happens to be 8x16 ins.

click the image below....

  I saved this clip onto my Youtube channel, hopefully it makes a good place to save videos)

Monday, 19 April 2021

Finding inspiration

During Lockdown it has been difficult finding new inspiration for paintings.  Okay, I can look online and obviously there is a great wealth of choice within various places such as Instagram and particularly Pinterest....(I save a lot of potential inspirational paintings there).  

However, there is Nothing like getting out there.  Now with lockdown eased a bit more, it has been possible to travel further afield.  I went down to South-East Devon and stayed with our daughter (Lil).  As she is into photography it worked for both of us as we set off to find something new to photograph/paint.  Although I didn't take my painting kit with me, just my iPhone, which was perfect to slip into my pocket, stop when I saw something good to refer to later and move onto finding something else to take a snap of.  

We drove to Tiverton Canal namely the Grand Western Canal.  Depending on which way you are facing, it starts in Tiverton Devon and ends about 5 mile shy of Wellington Somerset.  The whole canal is approximately 11 miles long.  Small fry in terms of canals in the UK, and it is totally landlocked, unlike other canals that join up and go for mile upon mile.  I'll add a link or two at the bottom of this in case you would like a read up about this particular canal.

Plus we put our bikes in the car (and little Hamish) - this meant we could travel much further than walking  along a small section of the canal.  

We didn't start the cycle ride at the Tiverton basin though, but found a car park further on at Halberton. 

I think you'll agree the photos show how much there was to enjoy...including the oversized plastic heron in the picture above.  Works for a business though, it catches the eye and then you see it's a B&B.

Of course, daughter took photos and very often without my knowledge she photographed me!  

(I have absolutely no idea what I was jabbering on about and pointing, but it must have been important at the time) see little Hamish there ↑    He got to run along sometimes, but when we felt he might get tired, daughter popped him back into the trailer (strapped in, just in case he decided to go for a swim!)

and he loved the attention he got from passersby 

and then there was this....

Yes the caption should read:

"An outing for care in the community"

Lovely of her to have got me eating an apple, where I can only say I was deep in thought about a possible painting view on the opposite bank - 

I really do need to wait my opportunity to get my own back some time!

click the image below for a very short video clip ⤹

here are some links about the canal:

Grand Western Canal - wiki

Tiverton Canal 

Where we parked:

Halberton - canal car park - if you happen to use What3Words then the 3 words for this are hilarious:


 - incidentally, you don't need the App for this -  

Just go to Google and put: 

What 3 Words > fill in the place you want to look for > then you get the 3 words

pacemaker (dot) dentures (dot) rotate

Although we didn't cycle the entire route, at least this is something for another visit...


Lil did manage to do some photography but she also quickly got some snaps of a deer on the opposite bank.  Although it didn't stand there long - plus Lil wasn't prepared with her camera at that second - she still got these

Yet more reason to go back another time, that's a definite.


Monday, 12 April 2021


Currently on the easel and as the caption says to let this layer dry. 

sometimes I have to sit on my hands to stop myself fiddling with more paint

When it is dry, I will then go back and add detail to complete it.

I'm getting a bit techie too, and added this (also with a separate video clip) to Instagram.  Not only that, but to Instagram Reels.  Apparently it is Instagrams version of TikTok.....yes, I know - somewhere along the line I seem to be a hundred steps behind everyone else!!!

Anyway, I gave it a go and it seemed to work - which is amazing for me, I gave myself a pat on the back.

Hopefully the video clip will add here too, says me -

so just click the image below ⤵️ and put your sound on

(The scene is across Exmoor)

Monday, 5 April 2021

When you find a random pattern...

 Designer Sand....couldn't believe the pattern in the sand today over at Woolacombe beach - for the location simply to go:

#what3words : speech.glossed.yield

incidentally, you don't need the "App" for this - simply go to Google and put in:  

what3wordsuk > speech.glossed.yield

In fact I've looked at the location again and could get even more precise: try...


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