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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The old railway line

On the 21st June I did a post about the Cairn in Ilfracombe. I've linked it here to remind you.    I mentioned that at one time there had been a railway line on one side, this is now long gone, and I have now taken some photographs over there.  It makes for a good walk these days, with the old track now a tarmac path and forms part of the North Devon Cycle network.   On the day I took these photos we started by passing the Round House and through the 'kissing gate', then on up to what had been the old railway line....and yes it really is a round house!

have you spotted somebody bottom left (he always wants to know what's happening and after all mum has stopped to take a photo!)

Everything is much greener now.  I love the way the sunlight bounces through on to these paths

It makes a lovely walk through

and here we are at what was the old line...

you would never guess this had been a railway line

a map has been placed along the route to tell people a bit of its history

In various places there are picnic benches, which makes for a good place to stop and rest

Our journey finishes with some lovely views across the town


  1. Thanks for the tour, Ann, what a beautiful area! I love the round house, imagine living there... And the views at the end are breathtaking!

  2. Thanks Judy. Yes the round house is interesting....I reckon there would be trouble fitting furniture in though !

  3. What a lovely place to wander through. And that last picture. What a shot! I love how the clouds just ‘hang’ there!

  4. What a beautiful area. The first picture is beautiful to paint. The other pictures too, but the first is really beautiful.

  5. Thank you Renske - I know exactly what you mean about the first picture....that just may well end up as a watercolour!....cheers ann.

  6. Hi Ann: I used to go back and forth to boarding school in Totnes on that railway line. The trains were all steam trains then (am I dating myself??) and I remember jumping up to shut the window whenever we went through a tunnel to stop the cinders coming in. Is the Ilfracombe Sataion still there. It was at the top of a very steep hill, if I remember rightly.

  7. Hi Shammickite - Interesting to know you actually went on the trains from Ilfracombe....the station is long gone, it's now a factory called Pall UK, an engineering manufacturer for the medical profession! How things change.

  8. what a beautiful spot! hope to see the round house sketched/painted by you soon!

  9. Hi Annie, I'll definitely be having a go at sketching or painting the round or two projects lined up at the moment, but I will get to it !....cheers, ann.


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