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Thursday, 28 July 2011


Once I started walking around with my camera, I realised how many roses we actually have in our garden.

These yellow ones are miniatures.............

but when it came to this red one I just had to pick it to enjoy indoors for a while

although these I left in the garden

Ink & Watercolour : Cadmium Red
touches of  Sap Green
(shading Ultramarine Blue/Sepia/Violet mixed)

The red roses have the most wonderful scent
........ahhh....the scent of Summer


  1. These roses are just beautiful. When I lived in Australia I had a garden filled with over 28 prize rose bushes. I used to wonder around with my sketchbook on sunny mornings. Now I live in the mid-west UAS and the climate here doesn't lend itself so much to roses (winters are too harsh). Seeing your roses and your sketches has made me homesick. xx

  2. Roses and bamboo, an interesting combination. I used to have a very big back yard and garden, but it went with the big old house when it was sold last year and now i have a very small flower bed, what my dad would have called a "pocket hankercher" garden but I have a few colourful flowers and it's enough for me. If I feel the need for gardening, I go to my son's house down the road.... they have no idea about what might be a flower and what is a weed.

  3. Ah...the sight of those wonderful! I've been scanning in my hard copy photos lately and just two nights ago added pictures of my hubby's rose garden. I'll get some of them on my blog sooner or later. I love your red rose sketch/painting. (Being a fabric artist, I'm not sure of the correct terminology).

  4. Good to hear from you all.

    Hi Dion, wow!...a garden with all those roses, they must have been quite something...sorry they made you feel homesick, but a really good memory to have. I don't think ours will ever be prize winners though.

    Hi Shammickite, At least you now have a manageable garden and it really does come down to what you are happy with doesn't it. I know it sounds odd having roses and bamboo, but the bamboo is all along one side with the roses in a seperate part.

    Hi Annie, Look forward to seeing your pictures of hubby's rose garden.

  5. Lovely roses! Both the real and painted!

  6. Your rose sketch is beautiful! I love the red roses! I never had roses in my garden, but I love them! Great that you have the fragrant ones!

  7. Thank you Robin.....glad you like.

    Thanks Judy - I think the scented ones are the best of all.


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