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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The wild apple tree

In the Spring I took some photographs of an apple tree we see on our walks.  Back then it looked very bare with only a few buds emerging.  Nonetheless I took some photographs of it

I think it is lovely to see these fresh new buds emerging

and before you know it
there are apples

the beauty of these is that they are growing wild where people walk by regularly

and they can help themselves.  

Of course it's no good having all this inspiration and not using it so
I've done a loose style watercolour of the above fruit

Aren't we lucky, each season brings something new



  1. That is a very inspiring tree! I love the sketches you did, but especially the one of the apple is fabulous in all its simplicity (if you know what I mean).

  2. Nice... a year (well, almost) in the life of an apple tree. There are quite a few wild apple trees around here too, most of them growing from seeds dropped by birds, but some mark the site of a homestead or cottage that is no longer there. Many of those apples are not edible though, being invaded by worms and insects.

  3. Thanks Judy - I know what you mean about the simplicity of the painting, I enjoy doing those.....ann

    Thanks Shammickite - Nice to hear a bit of local knowledge to your area, with the old homestead/cottages....ann

  4. Anonymous13 July, 2011

    That's a lovely capture of the wild apple-fresh and spontaneous. It's great to see wild fruit on the trees but I am reminded that the year is already galloping on...

  5. Enjoy the different seasons. In every season there is something new to paint. All three paintings are beautifully painted, but the apple stands out.

  6. Thank you Judith...glad you like the sketch. You wouldn't believe how encouraging it is to get other peoples opinions....cheers!

    Thank you Renske - again such nice feedback, I appreciate it.

  7. The apple blossoms are lovely but the apple is sensational!

  8. Cheers very much Robin:)


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