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Tuesday, 16 August 2011


I managed to do some impromptu sketching the other day whilst out shopping. It's quite a good opportunity to observe - on this occasion it was quite a windy day and this tree caught my eye as it was blowing the branches over so much

- as I noted to myself, the shape tells us what is happening with the weather in a painting -

 Whereas, these fir trees, even on a windy day, stay rigid

- in a painting these fir trees would make it more difficult to understand
that it is a windy day -

Painting or sketching people isn't something I do too much of, but I don't mind capturing them for middle distance 

This lady stood still whilst taking

a phone call, so  knew I only had

a short time to sketch.

Instead of worrying about what 

she was wearing, I concentrated

on her shape.

The next lady was moving quickly and

her shape was more difficult to judge.

So I concentrated on her very large

shopping bag and worked the rest of

her around it

 They didn't all work out though

This was meant to be a man resting on the edge of the boot of his car!  I didn't get it - so I moved on......

.........and managed to get this man heading off to the shops.  He proved to be a much easier shape

Finally, this lady was putting shopping in her car

but I considered the initial shape  first

Would love to know what you think

How do you go about a sketch?

Do you approach it differently and how do you get on?


  1. Lovely sketches, Ann! Difficult question, sketching people is very hard! I think I also try to find the major shape and work around that.

  2. Ann funny skits, Especially the last one. LOL
    They are all well made.

    I start pretty much as you do. First rough up and then further develop it.

  3. Hi Judy and Renske - Nice to know you start like I do....I must be on the right tracks then! Glad you liked this post.

  4. Wow! I'm ... once again ... impressed. How do I go about a sketch?!? With much fear and trembling and in hiding. You did some really great captures there.

  5. I love these Ann. Seeing into an artist's sketchbook is one of my favorite things. :) I think your people look so full of life and movement, they look perfect to me. Would love to see them in a painting. I go about sketching people a lot the same. Big gesture sketch first to capture the movement then refining the shapes as I go.

  6. Hi Annie - Thank you,


    Thank you Crystal.

  7. Nice sketches, you really catch the feel in so few lines! I haven’t worked up the nerve to try people yet! LOL I don’t really ‘think’ about how to go about a sketch. If I think too much I can’t seem to do it. I just try to let my subconscious go to town.

  8. Thanks Robin. I know what you mean about the 'thinking' too much, that happens to me.

  9. Lovely sketches!

    I've never really analysed how I sketch. Next time, I'll pay more mind :) xx

  10. Hey Ann - the link to your beach blog post today isn't working!

  11. Love the gestural sketches, I suppose I go about it the same way, block in the large areas and gesture then go after details if you have time. If the body is making a dramatic shape sometimes I start with a line that would represent the center line.

  12. Thanks Pat

    Thanks Kathy

    I'm so glad to get all these comments.

  13. It's wonderful to see how other artists think and work
    I did a post on my blog on how I go about my art edits on my photos
    Thanks for showing how you work- it takes courage to show works in progress whether they work or not. Kudos to you
    Johnina :D

  14. Hi Johnina - Thanks for stopping by and joining my blog. Great to meet you. Have now signed into your blog - I guess this is what is called 'networking'...haha...(As I have mentioned before to others, I know enough about computers to be dangerous LOL)....ann


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