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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Kingfisher Tutorial

Here goes with a tutorial I have of a Kingfisher.  I have been lucky enough to actually see one of these little chaps for real in the wild in the New Forest (Hampshire).....

I loaded my Kolinsky No. 6 with lots of paint being -

Prussian Blue

and started with the beak and head working down from there

Leaving bits of white paper here and there.  With the brush loaded with paint,  I could complete the initial shape of the bird

whilst this was still wet I added a stronger mix (less water plus a little Neutral Tint to slightly darken) and dropped this into random areas

With Sap Green/Prussian Blue mixed I put in the branch

continued by

adding  Burnt Sienna to the front of the bird and a little Light Red/Burnt Sienna mix for the feet

At this stage it is left to dry 

So when it had completely dried I loaded my Kolinsky No. 4 brush (it has a fine point for detail) and with a mix of Prussian Blue and Neutral Tint and added to the beak - then the eye (note I left a bit of white for the highlight there)

then added paint to the area behind the eye and down on the wing

and there you have it


Kingfisher Tutorial

which I hope you have been able to follow and have enjoyed


  1. That is fabulous Ann. Very informative. Thanks.

  2. I love the colours you used! Great sketch!

  3. A beautiful painting Ann. Lovely colours. You have a clear explanation of how you've painted the bird.
    How nice that you've seen the bird so close. Did you make a picture of the bird?

  4. Thank you All for your comments. Glad you enjoyed this post. ...and Renske, yes I did the painting from a photograph.

  5. I love this tutorial and your Kingfisher but I think I'd better stick with fabric!

  6. Great painting AND tutorial! Thnaks for sharing!

  7. Very clear tutorial and a gorgeous result! xx

  8. Great process, I love those details, a beautiful bird.

  9. Beautiful thank you for sharing
    Johnina :D


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