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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Berries and a Virginia Creeper

Following on from yesterday's post about our trip to the Isle of Wight a few weeks ago, I thought I would just drop in a couple of photographs I took on one of our walks there.  At a distance, and how the light was shining, this tree looked like it had millions of tiny red lights on it

and I expect you have guessed 
on closer inspection it was a Yew tree with berries

these berries are actually called  'aril's'  and are wax like - almost looking artificial because they are so perfect.....but then nature can be perfect sometimes don't you think....

another plant I couldn't help but photograph was this Virginia Creeper, doing what its name implies and 'creeping' over a wall making a perfect design

It looks almost 'staged', which is why I had to take a photo!


  1. Amazing pictures, Ann! Nature really is perfect!

  2. Lovely! I've never seen a yew in berry before - so thank you! xx

  3. Lovely pictures! (I think the Virginia Creeper would make a wonderful sketch, hint hint. LOL)

  4. I lived in Virginia for 34 years and thought for sure your visit was to this State because of Isle of Wight and Virginia Creeper. :)

  5. Now I'm a plant guru Pat!

    I know what you mean Robin...I'll work on it! LOL.

    Hi Annie - interesting how some places miles apart can look so similar.

  6. Nature is heaven to me and these photos prove that, amazingly beautiful...thanks for sharing them Ann.


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