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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Bonfire night

Last night was bonfire night here....I took a photo of the preparations this year and for some reason the bonfire itself was in the style of a idea why but I'm sure the organisers had a good reason for it

the bonfire is lit first and burns quite a way down before the fireworks are lit
(Health and Safety look away now)

and a couple of photos of fireworks...


  1. I love to see a bit of history and tradition! I learned about Guy Fawkes in school. Great pictures and video! I always enjoy fireworks and a bonfire.

  2. You had a great vantage point to see the fireworks, lucky you! We learned about Gut Fawkes from our English pen pals when the boys were small. But we always felt sorry that they didn’t get to trick or treat and have all the candy! LOL

  3. Yes we did pick a good view Robin!...the trick or treat is growing here on the 31st Oct, but only in some areas and even then people get upset about it as they knock on doors when it is dark (that's quite upsetting for the elderly).

  4. It looks like a great bonfire. I remember a similar one at Great Torrington one year. Perhaps it's a Devonshire thing! We stayed home as OH was unwell, but had a great view of fireworks from our bedroom windows. We are on a hilltop too.

  5. Yes Judith, it was a good display, and yes I remember the Torrington fireworks with their ship! (Don't know what they did this year though).
    Do hope OH is feeling better.....ann.


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