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Friday, 2 December 2011

Painting with Oils

We have just returned from a trip to Bristol and Bath and it included a One day Workshop PAINTING...yay.  Plus we got to stay in a lovely Hotel (which incidentally had a Big Fat Gypsy Wedding there at the same time)...they, of course, liked William the lurcher and who wouldn't, but they probably were very polite in not commenting that we had William in our room with us (I don't think gypsy dogs are allowed indoors - but I could be wrong there).  Anyway, back to our trip.....and as always I sketched part of our room to start me off (somehow I don't feel I have arrived unless I get my sketchbook out)

I started by drawing the chair and then measured everything from that

and this one is of the building opposite

We drove over to Bath one day for a sightseeing tour - obviously having lived near Bristol some years ago we knew our way around, but it was nice on this occasion to go over to Bath and do the tourist I took some photos (some of which appear on William's blog).

with a Christmas Market going on

The following day I got to do an Oil Painting Workshop.  This was with 

in the Bob Ross, Bill Alexander technique.  I have taken a days workshop with Sharon before, and painted the classic mountain scene....a very clever method of showing you the techniques you can use for your own paintings.  On this occasion I put in a particular request to be shown how to paint a rose (turns out I had chosen the A level me!) and also an underwater scene of a dolphin.  Sharon very kindly accommodated my here's the rose

okay, I could have done with longer on this one, but I did learn the theory and with a very clever grid system which Sharon uses, I got the principles involved - I'll be working on a new version soon.  I was glad to get the opportunity to do the underwater scene too

 I can't wait to get started on a bigger version with more dolphins

Workshops are a great way to learn and test your own abilities, and find they stop me getting too 'comfy' and 'set in my ways' - something that can happen all too I really do say

Many thanks Sharon for all your help
I really enjoyed my day


  1. oh my gosh beautiful beautiful,

  2. Wow! Very inspiring workshop, I love the paintings of the rose and the dolphin! Looking forward to seeing more!

  3. Thank you so much Laurie.

  4. Thanks so much Judy. This style of painting does open up some more possibilities for ideas I have.

  5. Wow! Amazing paintings, Ann! The dolphin is stunning! Great job and obviously a day well spent in the workshop!

  6. Thanks Robin, yes the day was brilliant.

  7. Lovely sketches and beautiful paintings! Look forward to seeing you create more in oils :) xx

  8. Thanks Pat - I'm just working on something 'completely' different in oils at the moment, but not sure if I will show it on my blog!

  9. Amazingly, I like those bpnitos drawings, especially the second. Beautiful photos a wonderful place, good shots.

  10. I LOVE your journal drawings!!! Such a great feel to them.

  11. Thanks Lynn - I really enjoy sketchbook drawing:)

  12. You are brave pushing yourself to new ways of painting. That rose is certainly eye-catching.

    I see you have been to the Christmas Market too. I hope you didn't spend too much (it is a tad expensive).

  13. Thanks Bella - we just 'looked' at the Christmas market, a bit like window shopping without the window! I did get some other bits around the main shops though, but it was nice seeing everything again....and William liked it too, people kept stopping us to talk to him!


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