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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Work in progress

Just thought I would add this post, of my latest Work in Progress.  It shows Bideford Bridge in North Devon.

There are buildings but because of the distance I won't detail them - after all you wouldn't see window frames or curtains at that distance! basically, the buildings are little spots of easy is that!

Using Atelier Interactive Acrylics it measures 16" x 11"

As I say, it is a work in progress, think I'll leave this to dry so far
and take another look at it in a couple of days time with 'fresh eyes'


  1. What a wonderful job on the water and shore. And love the little dots of paint for buildings!!! You teach a lot more than you probably realize in your descriptions and I appreciate it so much.

  2. Despite that it is not yet finished, it is now already very beautiful. I'm curious how it looks when it is completely off.

  3. Ann, this is wonderful. I love the great sense of distance and the sun shining on the faraway hills is perfect. This is one of those paintings I could look into for ages. Excellent work. ;-)

  4. I know what you mean about fresh eyes. Sometimes painting can be like typing; it is easy to be blinded against a mistake. I must admit though, I thought this was a photograph at first.

  5. this is beautiful, just magical!

  6. Thanks Lynn - I'm so glad my descriptions help:)

    Thanks Renske - I get to a point in a painting when I want it to be finished but deep down know it isn't. That's why I will be looking at it again. Glad you like it.

    Thanks John - It was actually surprisingly easy to do, more fiddly than anything and time consuming with 'bits and pieces' - it's nice to know that it comes over to others as good though. Thank you.

    Thanks Bella - so nice that you thought it was a photograph, a compliment indeed and I appreciate you saying.

    Thanks Laurie - It worked out better than I had anticipated I must admit:)

  7. I thought it was a photograph too! All I can say is 'wow'!

  8. oh wow Ann, this is looking gorgeous xx

  9. Great painting, Ann! Love to see it finished!

  10. All these positive comments,

    Thank You Robin
    Thank You Pat
    Thank You Judy

    Looks like it's been a very successful painting....which I will still tweak a bit but not too much.

  11. I don't know english very well, so it is difficult make a wide comment...
    I am able just to say :beatiful!
    Ciao, abbracci, Floriana

  12. Thank you so much Floriana. I think your English is very good.....I certainly know a compliment when I see one:)

  13. Ann ~ this is lovely ~ so well done ~ hope I can do as well with my harbor view as well some day soon ~ Happy Holidays to you. Namaste, Carol (SS)

  14. I had a few minutes before I take off for a walk and thought to randomly pick a date in your archives - your watercolors are so beautiful.

    1. It's lovely that you should want to look back on my blog...Thanks so much for stopping by Sandy. :-)


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