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Monday, 26 March 2012

Burnt sausages & smoke

With the clocks changing and British Summertime now officially with us, the weather obliged us too. We have just had the most wonderful weather for the time of year - really hot and sunny, particularly yesterday Sunday. Needless to say that meant a BBQ in the garden and firing up the chimnea for the first time this season

and although in bbq terms the chimnea may be small, 
I can assure you it does work well

if a little smokey to start with!...

in fact I thought we were going to have Smoked Sausages 
rather than BBQ'd  !!

but my worries were put aside

when we had

Burnt ones instead....

which for some reason is always how they turn out!

just as well

as that is just how we like them -

they were delicious.


  1. It is truly spring when people are starting to bbq! :) What a great invention, this chimnea! I am not sure about the burnt sausages. :)

  2. Haha! Hopefully they will turn out better next time! Really finally enjoying the weather in Glasgow as well x

  3. Hi Judy - yes these chimnea are good!

    Hi Kyla - glad you're getting the good weather too, here's hoping it continues.

  4. I had forgotten how much I miss this weather. I think it had given everyone a little lift.

    I thought everyone liked burnt sausages? I know when cooking them at home I have requests to blacken them a little. You could always put any left over in a pot with tomatoes and onions for dinner today. :)

    1. If only there had been some left Bella!...too good and hungry tums devoured them!

  5. They look delicious and I bet they were too. You live in a simply beautiful area, Ann.

  6. Burnt sausages are better than no sausages.

  7. Save me some! I'll be right over! (I like them that way too!)

  8. Thanks Ann:)

    Thanks Shammickite:)

    Thanks Robin - hehe, non left, we ate them all:)

  9. Sounds like you had a wonderful sunday...can almost smell the sausages! xx

  10. I loved charred food... Or at least that's what I've told my mom my whole life :) Looks great!

  11. Ann, you made me laugh! So glad you like burnt sausages :)

  12. Dear Ann,
    I admire your sense of humour. Our world needs itʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ !!

  13. Thanks so much Jane, Suzanne, Pat and Sadami.


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