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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Just a few lines

No doubt there will be various answers as to what these few lines depict - but I know what it is.   Interesting that the brain will want to work it out and go through different ideas first, seeing something may be totally different to what I have intended, creating a scene that perhaps isn't there.

I really don't mind if people see something different because I had fun drawing it.

Happy Painting everyone.


  1. Funny (me, not you) at first I saw a bird shot in the air falling to earth in pieces...then I saw a woman's head/face and I wondered what her story was/is.

    No I have not yet tried this, unless you count the unfinished parts of people I don't draw on them in many of my drawings of people.

    1. That's interesting Lynn, that you saw a bird (thought that may happen), but also that you saw a woman's head/face....I won't let on yet what it is though. But I do think it is amazing how our minds try to work out what we are looking at.

  2. I see a face also (don't I always! LOL) eyes crinkled in laughter, a cute upturned nose and smiling lips.

  3. Intriguing post! I think I see.... a dog?


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