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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Road trip - Corfe Castle and back to Bournemouth

After our walk at Studland we travelled on round towards Corfe Castle (although we didn't stop there)...still nice to take the drive though .

Part way round we stopped at a view point

 and could see Sandbanks in the distance...

zoomed in...

and zoomed in a bit more, but even then I didn't zoom as much as the camera could have done...

and then on round past Corfe Castle 

and on to Wareham...with flooding from the river that couldn't cope

I've put together a short video of part of this does jump from Corfe to Wareham, so please bear that in mind...

and so to Poole where we stopped for lunch where I took the opportunity to sketch (any excuse)

  with that we made our way 
back to Bournemouth
- it was a great day out -


 next location is Arundel

stay tuned....



  1. thank you for the armchair excursions. The castle looks like a great place to explore.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the journey CJ. Yes, the ruins of the castle are quite an iconic part of the scenery down there. A long time since I climbed up there to look at them closely though.

  2. It is funny to be riding on the left hand side of the road again. Lovely countryside. I like your sketches.

    1. Thanks Joan, we have to keep remembering to drive on the right when we go to Europe ie Spain, France etc.

  3. I finally got on my laptopto saw this. wow. all that's missing is the sea air smell. :)) There are some pretty areas around there. fun seeing the video. Look forward to more. Thanks for sharing your trips with us.

  4. I like your sketches too! :)

  5. I smile when I see your sketches. I do wish I could sketch like that.
    Love these road trips too!
    sandy xx


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