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Monday, 10 February 2014

Road trip - Studland

I say in the title 'Road trip - Studland' ....actually it was more Bournemouth and back to Bournemouth, a round trip that day, but we did stop along the way and our first was Studland, part of the Isle of Purbeck.


National Trust beach....

 The tide was coming in and some people didn't make it in time to dry land
but these ladies saw the funny side

 a good place for a break...

but my attention was caught by the beach huts.....not colourful as in Bournemouth, 
(or with strange silver globes on their roofs), but good old basic beach huts

I thought this one had a face...

and this next one was very well looked after...

but somehow I prefer the one with the face.

I even got carried away with some that had sheets of thin metal on them and had to photo the patina 

[I know,
I  get 
a bit
in a
little world
when I've got
my camera!]

this one was so shiny it
caught my reflection!

that's Bournemouth way off in the distance...

William enjoyed the beach, doesn't he always, and he met a new friend called Treacle
(check out his blog post here)

and I had time for a sketch...

Considering the bad weather we have been getting, plus the forecasts, we have been very lucky so far with the weather.

Our round trip was next via Corfe Castle and through Wareham
on our journey back to Bournemouth,
but that will have to wait for another 
blog post.

See you.


  1. The roped off path between the dunes makes me want to run down to the beach to escape more snow later this week.

    1. Then print it out CJ, and stick it on the fridge to remind you of warmer days :-)

  2. The beach huts have such character! I see the face too! And a mouth with LOTS of BIG teeth!

    1. Glad I'm not the only one who can see that face Robin, lol :-)

  3. A fun post. Love it all. So you and William made a new blog friend? Did you get asked to see your sketch? The guy with the dog was looking your way. :) hmm must be wondering..did I get in your sketch?? Lol

    1. No, I didn't get asked to see the sketch, but when I was trying to take the photo I thought they were looking my way. (I always think people are wondering why the weird woman is trying to take a picture of her book and the view at the same time, lol) :-)

  4. I know I will be seeing you again Ann and I do appreciate you visiting my blog!
    sandy xx

  5. Sorry my feeder hasn't been working properly and have missed all these posts. Lovely pictures of Studland, William looks as if he has had fun too! Sarah x


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