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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

A visit to a country estate

Tredegar House

On our final day in Wales we took the opportunity, as we often do, to use our National Trust memberships to go visit one of their properties.  This time it was Tredegar House near Newport.  We also like to have a look around the grounds and gardens.  Fortunately, William our hound can visit too, although he isn't allowed in the buildings, but he doesn't mind about that....outside he gets to meet more people.

First, I'll show you the photos I took of the grounds and gardens....quite a few pictures, so sit back with a cuppa and enjoy....(I don't usually put so many photos in a blog post, but I thought on this occasion it would be nice to see all the photos from this place in one go).

and now to the walled garden.  Actually to get to the house itself the pathway takes you around the gardens, which is a good idea as a lot of people might miss seeing how much work goes into keeping a place like this going...

their plants were wonderful

I thought it was nice how they had planted outside the pathway line, made the planting look so natural.

and so through to the more formal lawned areas.  Even so, they had allowed for families and provided an area for the kids to enjoy...

where families could sit and have a picnic...

this pathway taking us to the Orangery with its neat lawns
set out in very precise patterns

the pattern of the flower below is made with shells...

as were the edges of these lawns...

they still had some work to do on the central areas...

I thought edging with seashells a good idea....

then on through to the stables (although they didn't have any horses here)

then on up to the main house itself...

What an entrance...

We really enjoyed our visit to Tredegar House 
I hope you did too.


  1. Thanks, Ann! I did enjoy your post. I may go tomorrow, just feel like a day out. Just wondered how easy it is to approach from the M4, there are some restricted access roads mentioned. It's a long way for me, but is really like the look of Tredegar House!
    Sue x

    1. We didn't have a problem Sue...we arrived via Llandovery anyway as we were staying that direction. As for the M4, we had no problems but that was a few days ago, things may have changed. So long as you follow the directions the National Trust give plus signs along the way, it should be fine. Let me know if you get there and what you thought of it. I didn't mention it in this post, but there was something very unusual in the stables! (not a horse) ....just don't get your hopes up for something fantastic though, it's something funny.

  2. Never know if I published comment or not :)

    1. This is a problem several people are having at the moment. Not just commenting here on my blogs but on other peoples too. Don't know what blogger is up to at the moment. Still, I'm glad you persevered and arrived here okay with your comments.

  3. wow...very nice. looks like some place i'd like to visit. i always enjoy places with nice gardens. so serene!!

  4. lovely grounds! I had trouble with comments yesterday, didn't seem to be working then today they all got posted after the fact!

    1. Thanks Christine. Posting comments is something I've had trouble with too, hence my blog post the other day

      Sometimes the comments go on okay and sometimes not, I think blogger may be doing some changes thats affecting it. Here's hoping it sorts out soon. For this comment I write it, then Copy it, then try to post it...I know before it happens that it won't go on, but having copied it, I can then paste and it will stay there. ............ann

  5. What popped into my head as I took in all these lovely pictures…..lovely gardens…….holy cow, what a house! More holy cow at the entrance gate!! Thank you so much for the tour. You are saving me thousands of dollars on travel!!

    1. Yes, it is one of those places, amazing. Glad you enjoy the tour, I like to save people money (the tourist board might not feel the same though) lol ;)

  6. The grounds are lovely and the gate is spectacular. And that's a lot of seashells!

    1. They are wonderful gates. What an entrance to go through every day :-)


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