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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Sketching with a friend

Sketching is fine on your own, I do that often, but this week was great for sketching.  My online friend Lynn Cohen and her husband have visited us.  Besides taking them out and about to see the local sights, Lynn and I got to sketch together - AT LAST, yay.....we have had so much fun.

Lynn braved the cliff railway at Lynton...even though I'm sure she was really scared....and still manage a big smile

I couldn't blame her being worried about it though...look how far down you go

providing you don't look down you get to see a fantastic view...

then in Lynmouth we got the lads to wander around whilst
Lynn and I sketched a while...

see the people to the of them is photographing something....but what


Here's Lynn sketching...

and some of my sketches....

 After Lynmouth we drove round to the valley of  rocks where we sketched in the car whilst the lads went for a walk...


  1. Delightful post, Ann. I loved your sketches and Lynn's too. It sure looks like it might have been a bit nippy from seeing how bundled up Lynn is in the video.

    1. I felt okay with the temperature Faye, but Lynn is used to a warmer climate, hence she bundled up :-)

  2. How wonderful you could both meet up!

    1. Something I will always remember, we had such a good time.

  3. Your sketches are just lovely, Ann! The best part of this post! ♥♥♥♥♥ (And the pictures aren't bad wither, LOL)

  4. Looks like you are having a fabulous time.

  5. My first time on the Lynton to Lynmouth railway was with my mum when I was very small. Apparently I was so scared and screamed and kicked so vigourously that a lot of the buttons on her dress popped off! Sorry to embarrass you, Mum!
    Since then I've ridden up and down many times and I'm not scared any more! :-)
    This is an area I know well.... as you already know. Nice to see your sketches of the Valley of Rocks. Sad memories too, of seeing the devastation after the Lynmouth flood.

  6. You and Lynn must have had a wonderful time talking and sketching! It looks like such fun. I know how much fun it is to finally meet someone you've known thru the internet since I experienced the same thing on my trip. Nice sketches! I love seeing all the photos of all of you.

  7. Thanks all, we obviously had such a great time, you can tell that can't you, lol. Something we will both treasure as a memory :-)


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