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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Maps online

No doubt some of you will have come across Google Street View. ....they changed the format of it some while back.  I may be slow at these things, but just found that you can revert back to the original Street View format.

here it is if you check it out - the new format ...

 but take a look bottom right of the screen - see the little question mark

click on it and a message comes up...

Click on 'Return to classic Google Maps'   and you will have the Original version.  I find that Original version much easier to work.  Just thought some of you would like to know this little tip.

The original face of street's easier to use (at least that's what I find).


  1. Ann, thanks so much for that information! I hate the new google street view but didn't know you could change back to the original. I'll have to try to remember that!

  2. I have trouble using either version! LOL

  3. Thanks for the tip, Ann. I wondered what was wrong. Didn't particularly like the new version. Too hard to use.

    1. Exactly what I found Clare, it was very awkward to negotiate the new version. So pleased I discovered that I could get back to the original. Hope they keep it available.

  4. That's a great tip I hate the new view, it nice to be able to use it how it used to be! Sarah x


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