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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Photos from our travels...

During our recent trip down to South Devon I not only sketched but took lots of photos.  Okay, I'm no photographer - especially trying to photograph from the car whilst driving along.  (No I wasn't trying to drive and photograph at the same time!!!)

Devon has such a pretty landscape - I should have taken more photos, I'll make sure I do next time.


We visited Plymouth for a spot of retail therapy...

I didn't intend to take photos there, but ended up
with this Sundial, yes it really is...

the numbers around the side of the water 
show the time and yes it was correct,
just after 11 o'clock in the morning

Another trip out was to Torbay
- this is Brixham harbour -

Torquay in the distance -

this is Paignton - still part of Torbay

the castle like building is actually a Hotel.

I wouldn't mind staying there some day.

What on earth is this!!!

Set in the ground it indicates the South West Coastal path for walkers.
Mind you, I didn't see any others, so perhaps the person who
put it there was lost or just ran out of plaques!

Beach Huts at Paignton....why are beach huts such
photogenic little buildings - I just love them.

Another day we went to 
(the place William originated from)

this is their market hall.  It was buzzing with crafts and people
(plus it was warm in there - it was freezing cold outside)

Someone was selling wooden garden furniture,
including a wooden horse and foal.
(there was a donkey too but I missed that, I
 didn't put my glasses on...silly me)

I did get this tree made of tiles in the picture though...
this was probably about 20 foot high

read about it here...

When we drove home, we passed by the edge of Dartmoor
which had quite a bit of snow on it.
Hope to visit again before long and take some
reference photos for future paintings up there.

 *please note: those of you outside the UK, remember we drive on the Left - so the Driver is sat on the Right...just thought I would point this out before you see some of the pics 
and a wise guy comments!

 We had such a good time

Looking forward to going back again

before long.


  1. Lovely rolling green hills not covered in snow. We're expecting another foot or more of snow (on top of the 40 inches we got from two previous storms). The colorful beach hut doors look so happy. Someone should paint one like the Tardis. The sun dial is pretty spectacular. I've never seen one that big.

    1. Yes, it would have been nice to have seen the snow close up, but we didn't have time to get there what with all those beach walks. On the other hand, I don't know about all that snow you are having....oh boy, I guess you must be used to it...we would grind to a halt over here with that much! lol :-)

  2. thanks for sharing the lovely photos!

  3. What a lovely holiday! Glad I could tag along!

  4. Cheers Christine and Robin, glad you enjoyed the journey too :-)

  5. You managed to make Plymouth look nice! I'm not a fan so well done. Actually - it's vastly improved since my first visit 15 years ago. x

    1. I was selective with the pics Em, I thought that sundial worthy of a photo at least. Very odd place Plymouth, must say. I find walking round the shops easy there, seems to be a lot of room with no cars getting in the way, but I did feel this time that it could do with a revamp. I do like the Hoe, although this time we didn't get there. I managed to buy a new coat in the sale and also went to HobbyCraft... I know how to live don't I, lol ;)

  6. I really wish you would stop posting all those pictures of Devon, it's SO annoying, you have no idea how homesick it makes me!!!!! hehehe The sundial is wonderful.... new to me as I haven't been to Plymouth for donkeys years.

    1. Aww...didn't mean to make you homesick, lol, .... I add them to remind you that nothing changes ;)

  7. I enjoyed your holiday with you . I did not even have to move from my computer. How about that. Plus your interesting photos was of course knowing you selective. I like the wooden horse and little one particularly. Amazing.

    That Castle hotel very posh.. Thank you for drop into me .

    I have been coming by but to-day you have added lots. New coat. Awesome and of course Ann a Hobby Craft. Who would miss that.

    1. Thanks Carolann - glad you enjoyed this journey with us :-)

  8. Thanks for all the photos. I feel like I was traveling with you. Love the sundial and that wooden horse. Looks like a great place to wander around.

    1. Thanks Joan - it's good to know that you feel you have been on the journey too. Now I know I added just about the right number of pictures :-)

  9. i always love seeing where people live - you did great on photo taking even from the car. Now darn it - get on the right side of the road, okay. lol.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the journey with us Sandy..... :-)


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