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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Riverside walk at Rhayader

Continuing on from my previous post and our trip to are some photos from the Riverside Walk at Rhayader (click link), the town we were staying in.....this walk was literally just across the road from our Hotel....

I get left behind a bit when I stop to take photos -
"Hey, wait for me lads"!

It turned out to be more interesting even than we could have thought....

first we found some Bat Boxes...

and then a Bat!!!!
only not the sort we were expecting...

From here on along this walk we kept finding something metal placed in the trees....
like this freaky thing,
 the dragonflies were quite good...

not sure about this next one,
a river monster perhaps?

not everything was metal and in the trees though...

obviously there had been some other visitors along this riverwalk

our own monster enjoyed the walk too...

and here's a short video
~ Riverside Walk ~

{{ my next post will be a Mountain drive }}


  1. What a lovely place! Beautiful riverside, and I also saw beautiful flowers in your previous post. Can't wait to see the mountain drive!

    1. Yes, there were flowers along the way, although we noticed that bluebells are going over now...some of the wildflowers haven't yet come out, so we were in an 'in between' time.

  2. Love the interesting things up in the trees. Gives you something besides nature to look at while you walk.

    1. .....yes, it did. We weren't expecting that at all.

  3. It looks very much like Toronto!

  4. Loved the fun things in the trees. Standing by the river was so peaceful.

  5. Lovely walk, creepy creatures! (That spider...shudder!)

  6. Oh it's such a beautiful place, I love walks like that.
    William was enjoying his giant water bowl :)
    I think this will be on our places to visit list.

  7. Ann, what wonderful photos!!! It was all I could do to refrain from getting out my waders and fly rod! What a beautiful trout stream! So glad William enjoyed his stay, too.

  8. What a gorgeous walk! Bat houses! How wonderful. I love bats!

  9. Definitely an interesting walk,...maybe some new species in the trees :-))

  10. Thanks everyone....glad you enjoyed the riverside walk too :-)

  11. Lovely walk. Not to fond of one of those bugs as Robin said. Shutter...Watched the peaceful video.


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