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Monday, 19 October 2015

The Burrows

Braunton Burrows ◄ a link plus a link here ► Visiting Braunton Burrows

The weather was very changeable as you can see...threatening clouds didn't put us off though...

A lot of sand has moved from last Winter storms

....and it's amazing what gets washed up!

A certain lurcher seemed to have missed the only tree!

Looking across towards Appledore on the far shore
 We found a few things along the way - that's apart from washed up tree stumps...

this little Hat for one that somebody had placed on a post - 
no doubt in the hope it's owner's family would come back and find it.

The wildflowers are now going over, but they have been a blaze of colour

...and the remains of a homemade raft!
 But this one lost glove gave the a bit of fun for a lurcher....


  1. Desolate and beautiful at the same time. And all to yourselves!

    1. All to ourselves was the best part :-)

  2. William thinks that you can never trust a blue rubber glove, so it's best to shake it to death before it can shake YOU! Especially when it's been lurking in the dunes ready to pounce.
    I spent a holiday in a caravan at Braunton Burrows when I was a teenager. I still have some of the photos....B&W of course (it was back in the dark ages) .... of me wearing my first ever pair of jeans, and they were bright yellow!

    1. Hope I'm bringing back lots of great memories for you :-)

  3. fun times in the Burroughs!

  4. Great photos...the skies would make good paintings.

  5. So many fun things to find at the beach! :)

  6. Some good finds there. William is happy to give that glove a good shake.
    There may be a prehistoric forest under the sands as we have here believe it or not! Fancy William not spotting the tree stump :-)


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