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Monday, 9 May 2016

Sticks and Sand Hills.....

....makes a change from

Sticks and Stones....

Somebody had been busy with all these logs
and a certain lurcher had to check it all out...

The sand has been washed away in some places on
Woolacombe beach...there is evidence of metalwork buried
(left over from WW2 apparently)

 But I think I found out where the sand has gone...

They are currently building up a bank of sand ready to

put the painted ladies on it 

(the beach huts when they arrive all have girls names -
hence they are referred to as Painted Ladies)

 Just as well they know where the tide will go to isn't it...

 and here are the diggers

 plus the beach cleaner trundling along -
there was a route around for him,
he didn't have to negotiate all that sand.

 and you thought the seaside was only for seagulls...

 Now where's my Bucket and Spade.


  1. The video is so soothing. Love the lurcher exploring. It looks as if one could grab that bucket, Ann.

    1. Something about waves hitting the shoreline isn't there :-)

  2. beach fun has started! Nice sketch.

  3. it's a beautiful beach. Bet it will be gorgeous when the Painted Ladies arrive.

  4. Perfect ending there! LOVE your bucket and spade! ♥♥♥

  5. They do a lot of sand shifting up here too! I didn't realise the beach huts weren't permanent fixtures, I do like the name painted ladies as they are very feminine. Pleased William has new things to investigate :)

    1. They have to take the beach huts away for the Winter, the storms that come in would wipe them out.

  6. Sand shifting takes place on our Dutch beaches too each year. I love the name Painted Ladies! :) And your bucket and spade sketch is adorable!

    1. Amazing how much sand is moved by the waves, we are seeing pieces of concrete structures as well as pieces of metal.


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