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Thursday, 7 July 2016

JULY and it's World Watercolor Month

#WorldWatercolorMonth Started  by Charlie O'Shields over at Doodlewash ....being that I like a challenge, I've signed up for the month long challenge of a drawing/painting or sketching each day for the entire month (what was I thinking)!  wish me luck...

The drawings are added to the Facebook Group titled: World Watercolor Month - July 2016 and all submissions, be they on the facebook group or elsewhere on the internet, will have the hashtag #WorldWatercolorMonth added (just saying in case you come across it out there and wonder what it is all about) week down and here are my submissions:

1/31:   Three Hens

 2/31:   Rabbit

 3/31: Horse

4/31: Pigeon

5/31: Piggy

6/31: Hamish

7/31: Squirrel

I seem to have an animal theme going here. Quite unintentionally to start with, but I'll keep it going a bit longer.


  1. Love the animal theme, Ann. Beautiful work!

    1. Thanks Marie, hopefully I will be able to keep up with this challenge for the 31 days - at least they allow people to catch up though, so should I fall behind it won't be too much of a deal.

  2. Good luck, I love the animal theme as well! Piggy is cute! :)

    1. Piggy was the most fun to draw ;)

  3. LOVE the theme! Hamish is my favorite (so far)! I have the utmost confidence you'll be able to keep up!

  4. I love the animal theme too, all lovely!

  5. Love all the waterolor animals!


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