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Saturday, 3 September 2016

My en plein air painting is finished

Completed this at home in the studio, a few touches here and there with watercolour.
Then I gave it some sitting time and went back and took another look,
 with fresh eyes (that always helps)
and decided to add some Pastel work to it.....

Here's the result which I've added to my Etsy shop.
Thought I would start doing some larger paintings to add to the shop along
with the miniature aceo's

"The Quiet Harbour"



  1. There is so much that I love about this scene...especially the sky!
    Very nice piece of art, Ann~

  2. Beautiful! High and dry comes to mind. Love it!

  3. Thanks so much Christine, Jan, Robin, Eileen, Judy and Marie - really appreciate you stopping in to comment. Sorry I don't have time to reply individually today, too much going on here. Hope you are all having a good Sunday :)


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