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Saturday, 15 October 2016

I've got an Award

I have to admit this came as something of a surprise, but I am so chuffed that Eileen
over at Yet Another Coffee to Go thought of me.  Check out Eileen's blog here for her blog post about this Liebster Award for discovering new blogs.

If you have clicked on Eileen's blog post, you will see that with this Award I have 10 questions to here goes:

1 - Are you usually late, early or right on time? - Early.  To the point of over early sometimes!

2 - What makes you bored? - Lack of inspiration.  I like to have things to do.

3 - Are you a good judge of character? - Not bad I guess...I can usually sum people up in 15 seconds, it just takes 15 minutes to confirm it.  (My late mother-in-law was exactly the same).

4 - Do you sing in the shower? - No.

5 - Can you keep a secret? - Yes.

6 - What colour ink do you prefer to write with? - Nowadays I like Black, but when I was a teenager I absolutely LOVED Green ink...I think that is still lingering come to think about it ;)

7 - Tea, coffee or hot chocolate? - Coffee, but closely followed by Tea.  I don't like chocolate at here's a thing - It has been said that 9 out of 10 people love chocolate, the 10th one is lying...well, I have to say that is WRONG...I am really not keen on chocolate, in fact thinking about it now makes me bulk!

8 - Do you believe in ghosts? - Yes.

9 - If you had a boat what name would you give it? - Artless  - only if it were a small boat dinghy sized though...I simply wouldn't have room to set up my easel, hence no art = artless   ;)

10 - Do you like clowns? - Only the scary ones!

 That's it.

Thanks Eileen, I appreciate you handing out this Award
it was fun answering the questions. 


  1. I enjoyed reading your answers Ann, you certainly deserve your award for my daily reads. I can't imagine you are ever bored, I don't know how you manage to fit everything into your day, blogging, sketching, painting visiting interesting places, walking William.......but I'm glad you do :)

    1. Thanks Eileen and there I was thinking I was lazy, you make me actually sound busy! lol ;)

  2. Congratulations! Well deserved! :D

  3. That was great fun. Many of my answers to the questions would be similar, even to the topic of green ink when I was a teenager and we all wrote with fountain pens, but my boat would be called "Yer Tiz".

    1. That is so funny with the ink, and I'm sure I've seen a boat in Ilfracombe harbour called Yer Tiz! Lol


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