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Saturday, 29 October 2016

I've updated my Etsy listings again today...

I'm having so much fun painting and adding to my Etsy shop, that I've been busy busy with more today.  Here they are, just click on the blue headings


  1. Especially love the sheep, Ann.

  2. Every one a gem! ♥♥♥♥

  3. I'm pleased your shop is doing really well, you deserve great success. Your paintings are lovely.

  4. Thanks Marie, Robin and Eileen :)

  5. It was nice to meet William yesterday he's a lovely dog. Obviously loves you to bits. I was pleased when he realised that you had a visitor and he deemed fit to give me a little bit of his attention.

    Oh it was also lovely to meet you and guide you through the maze of the station! Love your miniatures. safe trip home.x A.

    1. Hi Avril, great meeting you yesterday and seeing your art. Like I said, I can now say I have met someone who has exhibited with the SAA, :)

      Thanks for guiding me through the station, now I must remember for another occasion that I need the train with the yellow and red colours on the front of it! ;)

      If you are ever in Devon let me know, we could meet up for a cuppa.


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