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Friday, 5 May 2017

More travels and another big house to visit

(yes, National Trust - click the above link if you want to read more above the house)

Lovely house

and also lovely gardens

but I had to show you this little rose -

I took the photo with my hand against it, to show you just how small this delicate little flower is.

but for all that, it grows and grows into this huge plant

here's the name,
but No we didn't buy one.

Clever way to disguise a door,
check the picture below

A lot of National Trust properties these days remain open through the season,
hence they need to do conservation and cleaning works whilst the public visit.

Two stewards waiting to greet visitors at the front door

and the view from the back of the property was breathtaking

Here's some more information about the house, 
hope you can read it okay.

Definitely a 'Return to' property for us.


  1. Very interesting, Ann! What a lovely rose bush! And I love your little rose sketch!

    1. Thanks Judy, plant lovers would have been in utter bliss at that house. They had a good selection of plants for sale.

  2. Thanks for the tour, beautiful chandeliers they had then.

    1. Yes, very lovely chandeliers, there is so much to look at in these houses.

  3. Will you do some sketches, Ann? It is a beautiful property!

    1. LOL...yes Marie you know me too well....I did some sketches at the time, guess that would be called en plein air sketching as opposed to urban sketching. I will add them in my next post :)

  4. A beautiful house! I would definitely go back too!

  5. How did I miss this post? :) What a beautiful house!

    1. I keep missing posts too, I have done that with your blog 😆


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