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Friday, 18 August 2017

a slight blip earlier on my blog...

apologies if anyone saw my blogpost earlier about '3rd party hosting'...this was something that cropped up on my blog and left me somewhat confused.  I have since worked out what the problem was and so am now a happy blogger again.


  1. I didn't see your earlier post but I guess you may have been using Photobucket. I've read elsewhere about them holding people to ransom :(

    1. Yes, you're right it was about Photobucket, which I hadn't realised I had used. Turned out it was a small symbol I used 'sometimes' on the bottom of my blog posts, but only used very rarely. Hadn't even realised it was to do with Photobucket, so once I worked it out in my pea-sized brain, I deleted it. From looking into it, I discovered that a lot of people are very unhappy about Photobucket, just as well I don't rely on it aye, lol :)


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