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Saturday, 2 September 2017

A spot of en plein air

Art at Arlington Court is one of my favourite occupations and yesterday I set off with my easel, paints, bag containing: brushes, extra paint, paper, spare paper, etc etc. you get the idea, I took it "just in case" - Oh and a hat (it was very sunny, not complaining as it was very welcome weather).   Then I only needed to find a nice little spot to settle myself for the afternoon, which I found under a huge tree.

Not bad aye.

and my view....

in case you wondered what the huge leafed plant is, it's a Gunnera, they love sitting by water, just like me.

It didn't really matter which way I turned, I still had a great view.
But at the end of the day, I had decided to sketch and paint the Lake,
so here are some pics I took of my progress during the afternoon.

I always do an initial sketch to get an idea of what the scene will look like on paper

(as it happens I deviated slightly from this view, but intend to go back and paint this angle another time)

A few visitors walked by and stopped to chat, which was nice.
In particular one little girl with her mother said how much she liked my painting,
and yet it was only the first wash!
  She also liked my sketchbook,
which being a concertina style,  absolutely fascinated the little girl.
You never know, I may have made an impression on her and she'll end up 
an Artist one wouldn't that be great.

Having to wait for paint to dry meant I needed to complete and painting
in my home studio and with a matt/mount board it says to me I had a good day.



  1. It's amazing how putting a mat board on a painting elevates it from a sketch to a masterpiece!!!!

  2. It's lovely Ann and just the perfect weather. Hoping so much for an Indian summer this year.

    1. I had only thought about Indian Summers the other day. Here's hoping :)

  3. Beautiful, Ann. I love that work!

  4. Lovely art and outdoors too!

  5. Just lovely! The painting and the setting. Aren't you the lucky one to have such a beautiful place to create! :)

  6. A perfect painting spot! I love the paintings! All the different shades of green are gorgeous.

  7. Ann, I like your painting of the scene much better than it looks in the photo. Nicely done!

  8. Lovely ~ ^_^

    (A ShutterBug Explores)


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